The Home Staging Resource’s
“Guide to Successful Consultations”

This 35+ page guide completely takes the mystery out of what your Consultations should look like!  We will walk you through step-by-step how to take an order, ask the right telephone questions, research like a pro, prepare for the consultation, load your toolboxes and meet with clients.  On-demand and live training associated with the guide in the HSR Certification Program:

  • How to build confidence immediately
  • 5 Fatal Mistakes Stagers Make and How to Avoid Them
  • How to Use Our Pre-Appointment Sheets to Recognize Red Flags
  • 5 Rules of the Professionalism Road
  • 10 key questions to ask ahead of time and 17 more if you’re talking to an informative Agent
  • 4 advanced Internet research strategies to prepare ahead of time and bring in more business
  • 10 key informational pieces and forms to always have on hand
  • 25 tools you’ll need to have and 20 more props for making easy transformations as “visuals”
  • What to do when meeting with Sellers
  • 10 questions to put sellers at ease and get a “read”
  • 5 questions to recognize the “Do It Yourselfers”
  • How to make recommendations
  • How to transform and bathroom or bedroom in 10 minutes
  • Exactly what to say and do throughout the presentation
  • How to educate the clients, close the sale and present a proposal, so that your client’s needs are met