The Home Staging Resource’s
“First Fifty Things ‘To Do’ List“

Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.
David McCullough
US biographer & historian (1933 – )

45+ page, guide for getting your business started and organized as well as a calendar to keep your activities on trackThe first page of the “First Fifty”…

Starting a home staging and redesign business is not easy!  As you considered taking the first big steps towards owning and operating your own business you probably had about a thousand ideas and things “to do” swirling around in your head. Creating a business plan helps to keep organized from the 10,000 ft view but what about your day-to-day details?

The Home Staging Resource doesn’t want you to reinvent the wheel as you create your new home staging business. In fact, most of our products are centered around setting up your business foundation and marketing plan so we can help you focus on what you do best…transforming interiors. The “First Fifty Things ‘To Do’ List” should cut through the storm in your head and help you to organize your priorities step by step, and take the mystery out of how you start a business and what to do. We’ve listed all of the important details of starting and getting your home staging business up and running in a workbook format so that you can interact with this guide and check things off as you move along. We’ve also taken the “first fifty things” and put them in a Calendar format so that you can see with a little bit of planning it’s not hard to complete all of these steps within four weeks. Don’t get bogged down with future details such as marketing, vacant home staging and the details of your consultation and walkthrough just yet. Focus on what’s critical first in order to get up and running and do the first 20 points of this guide immediately.

We’ve organized this guide into several sections in order for you to tackle the most important things first and so on. You may be anxious to stage homes immediately but setting up a firm business foundation and plan beforehand will save you a lot of headaches later.

The first section walks you through some tough personal evaluations. The second section gets into the general details of planning a business. The third section goes into preparing for business, getting ready for clients. The fourth section goes into portfolio building, and we give you all of the tools necessary to do this in order to exude confidence and credibility to your first clients. Finally, our fifth section goes into what you’ll need for the Consultation or the first steps in the sales process. This works in conjunction with the Consultation guide so at that time you can start reviewing those important details.

The success of your business revolves around your strategic personal assessments, planning structure, preparing for clients, portfolio credibility and preparation for those first impressions of a Consultation. We are excited for you in this journey and know you will do well if you consider thoughtfully every step of the process.