The Home Staging Resource’s
“Guide to Vacant Home Staging”

Take the mystery out of staging vacant homes with this 15+ page detailed guide!  We’ll detail the process, give you special member discounts with furniture rental companies and show you how to deal with inventory and accessories. 
We give you example forms to use and follow – example proposal, timeline checklist, inventory guide and marketing sheets
Includes Inventory Organization Sheet in excel

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Every individual involved in professional home staging has at one point or another addressed whether they will or can offer vacant home staging as part of their services. There are pros and cons involved in offering this service but for the most part it can be a profitable solution or niche to many clients. The costs up front in terms of accessories can be a bit exorbitant but if you plan ahead of time and with the help of this guide they need not be overwhelming. This guide is designed to walk you through step-by-step the process of offering and implementing a vacant home staging service so let’s get started…