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"Home Staging Listed as a Top Career Poised for Growth!"

Do What You Love and Become an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner!

Staging Company Review and Why HSR is the BEST Choice for Training!

We know it's VERY confusing when deciding on which staging company to spend your training dollars, so we've created a list of things that makes the Home Staging Resource (HSR) Certification Program your BEST CHOICE for training!

Staging Training Checklist

50 Things to Look for in Your Training Research...

We also have a quick training review video explaining our training difference, as well as showing you what our Members Area looks like.  In the ten plus years we've been a staging company in the training business, we've seen lots of "fly-by-night" training companies come and go, so do your research! Make sure to contact those who have trained with the company you are considering joining!  Contact any of our member in our Directory for a strong recommendation of the HSR Certified Staging Training!

How to Know Which Staging Company to Choose for Training:


It's about YOUR BUSINESS...not ours
We put our Members first in everything we do because we want YOU to be successful!  Our "Directory of Stagers" is all over our website in order to drive clients YOUR way on an ongoing basis.  We have no unhappy clients and our A+ rating with the BBB is impeccable!  Never choose a training provider who doesn't at least have a directory for their members!


It's not about FLUFF but a FRAMEWORK for success in BOTH Staging and Redesign!  We offer over THREE WEEKS worth of training materials
that delivers...
We honestly don't know how you could teach someone to start a successful home staging and redesign business in less then two weeks!  Other trainers only cover staging, charge separate for redesign or nickel and dime you for each additional lesson.  Only HSR gives you an all-inclusive, home staging certification training by covering EVERYTHING from A-Z! 
See Members Area Video.


You Are Not Alone & We Even Have an 888 Number We Answer!
We CONNECT Members online via our private social network called Stagers Connect and locally through a free membership at the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners (  for mentorship's, hands-on training & continuous education through local chapters.


We are your business partner and support you throughout the course of your membership (one year).  We have a toll free number and email to contact when you have ANY questions.  We also "check-in" with you throughout the year to provide the latest news, advice, encouragement and support.  Here are just a few of the advanced classes we've added to the training in the last couple years:


Train from the comfort of YOUR HOME and at YOUR OWN PACE
There is no need for expensive travel when everything you need to start a successful home staging business is at your fingertips in our EXTENSIVE Members Area.  Bring us your natural decorating talent and we'll show you how to start, operate and market a successful home staging business.


We ARE the #1 MOST trafficked Staging Website on the Internet
Others make this claim but according to Alexa (, an independent traffic ranking company we blow doors on the competition!  Most of our traffic is in the form of agents, sellers and builders searching our Directory looking for YOU.


We spend a week teaching you ADVANCED INTERNET MARKETING
We provide ongoing, interactive webinars where Audra Slinkey, a professional stager, International speaker, published author and Fortune 500 trainer on advanced Internet research and marketing, teaches you her secrets to being FOUND online.  We want your clients to find you and call you, NOT you doing the cold calling! 


We FOSTER an environment of sharing, generosity and support
Our Members work together to enhance the industry and client deliverables because we believe in uniting the home staging industry.  We have an extensive forum, photos and Stagers Connect area, as well as "Veteran Interviews" and "Tales from the Trenches" sections in our Members Area where Members learn and are encouraged by each other.  Most of the leadership positions held by RESA are HSR members and graduates.


We provide a Web 2.0, WordPress WEBSITE for your business
While others may give you a "web page" on their site littered with their company information, we know it's CRITICAL for you to stand alone professionally and beautifully as a business.  We make you look good by giving you a highly search engine optimized, WordPress website and blog that is clean, professional and image conscious.  See examples.


We provide discount access to MATCHING MARKETING MATERIALS for your business for instant branding
We offer over 25 styles for you to INSTANTLY order business cards, post cards, letterhead, brochures, "Thank You" cards, magnetic car signs, etc.  We want you to focus on building the success of your business, not spending hours in marketing/website creation mode.  See examples.


We provide over 100 FORMS in Word and four 10+page "Client Action Plans," so you are never "REINVENTING the wheel"
There is nothing worse then staring at a blank piece of paper as you prepare a letter, sales sheet, process, checklist or Client Action Plan!  We provide you ALL the home staging specific forms, guides and presentational products you will need for your business and then some.  While others may provide generic, PDF forms at charge or no forms at all!


We provide the largest MEMBER DISCOUNT list in the Industry
We have over 100+ vendors who offer our Members special discounts on their products and services.  Our "Vendor Connect" program makes it easy for our Members to develop discounts and relationships with vendors nationwide because each member represents over 4000 other stagers and has a direct line to our Vendor Connection program through Audra.


We provide a BUSINESS PLAN that WORKS for your business
Similar to a franchise, we provide a very specific way of operating your business that works.  We provide a platform on which you can launch your business that makes sense, is simple to follow and leads to success.  No other training provider gives you this specific frame work on which to operate.  NOTE - We are NOT a franchise, so you have complete freedom!


We provide a MARKETING PLAN that WORKS for your business
We use a five-step process when it comes to building a marketing plan that works!  Each step is completely detailed in our Members Training Area and allows you to efficiently and inexpensively market your business to your target markets.  We even provide sample wording and scripts for you to follow!


Our Members LOVE US & you'll see why when you join
We have over 1000 Member testimonials because we OVER DELIVER and EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.  Don't take our word for it, contact any one of our Members in our Directory


We represent over 2000 Home Staging Professionals with a RETENTION/SUCCESS rate of over 80%!
Our Membership of home staging and redesign professionals is growing daily, as well as renewing yearly!  For every 10 people who graduate from our program, 8 will renew their membership at the year mark!  That is an amazing success and retention rate!  We stand by our Members success!


We've "THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING" so you can focus on one thing...your business goals
We interview each and every Member to make sure we are delivering EVERYTHING they need for their business and the majority proclaim that "HSR has thought of everything!"


What you see is what you get...if you like the front of our website, then you'll LOVE the Members Area
There are tons of "quick and dirty" staging training websites and e-books cropping up, so BUYER BEWARE!  Usually if the website looks unprofessional/homemade the materials will be the same, so be very critical of what you see as not all training providers are the same!


We provide a 300+ page Training Manual for you priority mailed
Our Training Manual works in conjunction with our online Members Training Area to provide you the MOST extensive training in the industry.  Our "Marketing Section" is over 40 pages alone!


We provide VIDEO LINKS & Tools for you to educate your clients
We are firm believers in "permission marketing" where if you want something from a client ie time, then give them something of value in return.  We do this for you by providing video presentation links for you to send to prospects to educate them on a Staging Days and/or Transformations.  We are in a VISUAL industry, so these tools work!


We position your business for success by providing everything you'll need, at one low cost.  Other training programs nickel and dime you by charging extra for each form, to be in their directory, Association or even take part in their Forum! 

You will LOVE this industry!  In the over 4000 professional home stagers and redesigners that I have personally mentored I have never heard any regrets about entering this industry.  Overwhelmingly,  people are excited about following a life-long passion into a career that is both rewarding and fulfilling!

Make no mistake, it's hard work starting a business, but that's what we are here walk with you every step of the way!

Warm Regards,
Audra Slinkey

Make HSR Your Staging Company of Choice!

Ready to Become a Professional Home Stager and Redesigner?

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home staging training review
home staging training review
home staging training review
home staging training review
home staging training review
home staging training review
home staging training review

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About Audra

Audra has personally trained thousands of stagers all over the globe. She is an Amazon Best Seller, RESA Innovator of the Year 2013, 2015 and 2017 and passionate about helping stagers and designers grow their business!

Certification Credibility Counts!

The Home Staging Resource (HSR) staging certification program was the first and one of only two home staging training programs that have been truly "accredited" by a third-party, trade association. 

HSR has been serving the staging and redesign industry for over 10 years and has an A+ rating by the BBB.

Audra's Latest Posts...

Our Premise

Bring HSR your natural decorating talent and we'll show you how to make a successful business out of doing what you love AND are good at! HSR gives you the tools, training and videos to refine your talents but MORE IMPORTANTLY gives you the confidence, products, services and knowledge to make your house staging business a SUCCESS.


The training provided by HSR is absolutely top notch. I have learned so much over a short amount of time and cannot wait to apply it. Not only did I get the chance to hone in on my design skills, I also learned how to build a website, market my business and connect with vendors, dealers, realtors and form critical relationships. HSR provides a comprehensive, yet manageable approach. Before starting this journey I researched several other programs and eventually selected HSR & couldn't be more pleased.

Audra, you are such a wonderful teacher. Thank you for explaining things in terms that I can understand. I am absolutely loving this course & cannot wait to complete it so I can finally leave nursing & pursue my true passion of home staging! My real-estate agent really urged me to pursue my passion and you have helped to boost my confidence as well. I have been in nursing for 10 years and the business aspect is what really intimidated me. Thanks to you, I now have a better understanding and the business side makes more sense. I felt like Audra was there with me, guiding my steps. Thank you, Audra! You are my hero 🙂

Lindsay Brooke Gillen Succulent Spaces Staging

Audra's training is comprehensive, I appreciate all the valuable information! I especially appreciate her genuine desire to help me be successful. Audra is so encouraging and that helped me when I felt bogged down with new info! Thank you for fabulous training, support and care! I already have my first client!

Kiki Oji McNair Kiki Staging & Redesign
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