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It's so easy to customize :)

Love it!

Nora Al - White Design Az

I think the training is extremely helpful and inspiring. I wish there were more hours in the day so I could just keep going!

Larissa Sweetland - Sweetland Interiors

After I made my decision to start a new career in home staging I began researching training options. HSR offered everything I was looking for. The constant communication from Audra and abundance of information she made available for free, before I made the investment, gave me piece of mind that I would be getting my moneys worth. I wasn't disappointed. The training was thorough and gave me everything I needed to get started. The resources available through this membership are beyond comparable.

Dana Voulopos - A Simple Change Design

The Home Staging Resources certification course was exactly what I was looking for when I decided to do home staging and redesign as a profession. The wealth of information provided in the course has been informative and truly helpful. I love that I will be able to go back and review relevant materials anytime I need to in the coming year as I am growing my business.

Kally Kilen - Calla Lily Interiors

I love it.....it's very comprehensive and thorough. I like the videos and the extensive detail that is provided.

Lorie L Corica - Ideal Homes Designs

I have created websites from scratch using Word Press which was not a good experience. With HSR, the tutorials and their partnering with Thrive made it fun and easy to edit.

I love the professional look of my website and the fact that I can add my own touches.

Yes I'm getting great compliments from my website! My daughter is a graphic designer and she was even surprised how professional it looked. I highly recommend adding the website package. The training is above and beyond the best and the website is the icing on the cake!!!

Tia Dillard - tbdillard Interiors

I want to thank Audra for this amazing course! There is so much information and education provided that gives you the confidence to truly start and run your business successfully. From all the design materials and education to the complete forum of marketing and social media, I have truly gained a vast amount of knowledge which is helping me to prepare and launch with confidence a successful home staging and redesign career. I also did purchase the website through Home Staging Resources which I am very happy with. With the training included, it makes it very easy to get your site up and running and looking how you would like it too. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to go into the field of home staging or home redesign. Thank you!!

Holly Young - Grace Designs OC

You are providing all the education and resources needed to quick start a professional, organized and profitable business. There is a lot to learn and you relay it in a thorough and logical format. I mostly appreciate the business development portions and having forms already prepared (so I don't have to reinvent the wheel). You are giving me a HUGE head start by guiding me with the best policies and procedures to formulate the business of my dreams! Thank you!

Maggie Craig - MMH DESIGN

It's so easy to manage! The steps along with the tutorial are so easy and quick to follow.

It looks great... very professional!

I am getting a lot of compliments about my new website.

Kimarie Hillis - Kimarie's Design Elements

Audra's training is comprehensive, I appreciate all the valuable information! I especially appreciate her genuine desire to help me be successful. Audra is so encouraging and that helped me when I felt bogged down with new info! Thank you for fabulous training, support and care! I already have my first client!

Kiki Oji McNair - Kiki Staging & Redesign

Thank you Audra, I have enjoyed taking your course, it is extremely informative giving me confidence needed to officially start my new business. You've covered it all. I will continue to be a member to stay informed and current. Thank you !

Christine Paiva - Christine Paiva Interiors

This training has given me the information, forms and training I needed to become confident and professional with my design skills. I appreciate the process that Audra has created for us to follow! My appointments should be much more smooth and organized now!

Dawn Marie Stockbridge - Dawn Marie Stockbridge Staging

The Home Staging Resources, Audra Slinkey’s staging and redesign course, is extremely comprehensive! It contains an abundance of information about design, business models, marketing, and branding. There are multiple lists, how-to’s, photos, forms, and options for building my business. I will have everything I need to be successful -- no matter what the situation. In addition, the course provides wonderful resources to complement HSR’s material. Thank you, Audra, for being so complete in your training. I will go out equipped with more than enough to get started and will be able to refer back to training and sources as I expand and shape my business. –Lissa Raines

Lissa G. Raines - Joco Home Staging

I love the ease of setting everything up, changing the information and how hard y'all worked to give us the best website possible!

I love the way it looks! The design is perfect, clean and easy to update.

I haven't gotten any compliments yet however I look forward to having more and more people finding my website based on the extra videos teaching us how to boost our SEO! I haven't been able to watch all of the extra videos however I look forward to learning more and more on how to continue to build my website thus building my business.

Amanda Jackson - Cinders Home Staging

I think it is amazing you tell everyone that they will be over whelmed and that it will all come together in the end. The part about being overwhelmed is dead on. I am an Illustration/ artist by education but running a business:? Tax forms? Licenses? Insert blonde head swimming here........I am mid training so I hope that as you said, it will all come together in the end. I KNOW I have the talent to make my business successful.

Diana Sklenar Hallberg - DSH Spaces

Excellent! I've learned so much already and is eager to learn more. All the questions I had before are being answered ten fold, I love this course so far!

Misha Taylor - Upstaged Home & Interiors

I have been very impressed by the training, it has met my needs and spoken my language. I'm grateful I have continued access for a year because I look forward to revisiting the content and sharpening my skills further.

Ana Lucia Reed

I absolutely love it and am so excited about this path I am venturing down. Thank you! I (without a doubt,) chose the right training program. This is going to be a life changing move for me!

Jenifer Egan - Mystic Home Staging

Audra's HSR training was very thorough. I have a friend who trained with another company and did NOT get the amount of information, support, or any downloadable forms like what you get with Home Staging

Roslyn Hart - Rejuvenate Staging and Redesign

I found HSR Certification very informative. I love how we were provided with all the templates and business models. Audra is very generous in sharing things that have worked for her in her own business so we do not have to reinvent the wheel. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is thinking of doing staging and design. Thank you Audra!!!

Alina Lavalliere - First Impression Staging and Design

Love, love my new website. I am still updating on a daily basis, because I don't have very many photo's of my own to download (these are coming shortly).

Love the look and feel. Love the way it scrolls, showing the pictures in the background.

All my friends and family are commenting on the look and feel. They love it! Scott is also a great help! Very mellow and concise with what ever he needs. Thank you all for helping me to make my world a little easier, as we all have much to do to get our business on the right track!

Maryann Ranallo - Center Stage Concepts

The ease in which I am able to personalize it to fit my branding!

I was impressed with how the shell of the website built for me looked from Day 1. Being semi-technical, I was able to jump right in and start customizing. For me, I found that watching "how to" videos on my iPad while I actually followed along on my new website saved a lot of valuable time!

My friend's and family are impressed with my new website, and I just let them think it was all me...

Eric W. Reeves - reFresh Your Space, Inc.

I absolutely love it Audra. Funny story, before I purchased your program I finally completed a loooong overdue project which was converting an office that I never used into a full walk in closet that I admire everyday. Well, I thought that I could just sit at my kitchen table and do my studies but I quickly leaned with all the racket going on around me, that I needed to take your advice and have a dedicated work space. So I sit here in the master bath closet taking my first weeks' quiz! I love it and I particularly love the peace and quiet it comes with. AND with every passing day, it becomes a little more cozier and warmer with some added throw pillows and scents from CAREFULLY burning candles......xoxo

Theresa Ceglio - TC Staging Jax

The HSR training I received is packed full of important and useful information, thoughtfully compiled and thoroughly planned out to consider the many facets of running a staging business. The most important aspects for me include how best to market your business for optimum success and the many business forms that help create the confidence needed in getting your business up and running quickly. Thank You, Audra!

Liz Fox - Bee Hive Organizing

User Friendly

Love love love the new look.... Clean lines modern look

Yes!! Lots of them.

Ellen Hartinger - Elle Visions Home Staging & Design,LLC

I knew how important having the right training would be. That is why I spent a lot of time researching online. Your name came up on any search I did, so I knew you knowledgeable about online marketing. I was able to go through some of your videos about why your training was important, and I was impressed. So, I called some of the stagers listed on your directory, and they all gave you high grades. But, the most impressive thing that made up my mind was that you answered your phone when I called for additional information. In my past career, I was the vice president of online development and marketing and you reinforced the tactics I used, as well as, enlightened me on some additional things I could do. Thank you very much.

Helen C. Galasso

I worked for a non-for-profit company that recently closed. I had already made up my mind prior to closing that I wanted to change career paths.

I had been looking at various staging course for the pass six months. I decided on HSR because they offered both Staging and Redesign package together, the other course that I researched were separate course with separate fees.

After the company closed, I put my faith in God and went for it. Now is a better time than ever, the information was overwhelming at first.

I had a brief background in design so I though I would skip a few of the chapters, but buy the time I got to week three, I realized I had to buckle down and start from the beginning. I must say it was pain staking but well worth it. I am happy to be stepping out into a new chapter in my life.

Sharon Elders-Jackson - Staging Doctor Sharon

The HSR certification training was invaluable to me as I begin my Home Staging Business. Audra has thought of absolutely everything a beginner would need to know . . . the business end of pricing, structure, and marketing all comes together in an easy to understand compilation of printed materials, forms and videos. It was so enjoyable to go through this course, and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of making Home Staging & ReDesign a future business. Well worth the cost. Loved it!

Alicia Chimento

I'm loving it! It's exactly what I need to give me confidence to get started. Thank you!

Blythe Kirkwood

What I learned in the HSR course was invaluable. Everything from the business and marketing aspect of staging and design, to the creative, it was far more thorough than I ever dreamed! I feel so prepared to get started and succeed! Thank you Audra!

Jana R. Farres - JF Staging & Design

I think there is a lot of valuable information, forms and suggestions. I wouldn't know even where to go to start a business of my own. Seeing examples of before and after pics is great. If you can track my progress, then you already know I have not been able to be consistent about going through the program in a timely manner. I signed up in late August and am just finishing reading/watching through week one. There are so many things on the business side, lawyer, insurance, website, name etc, that I still have not had the time to do. I really am interested in this as a side job or even career. You do provide a lot of information, I would never have been able to find out on my own research/time.

Chris Cline

After researching home staging and redesign certifications for many hours and days, I kept coming back to Home Staging Resource. It was orderly, comprehensive and realistic. I knew I was not going to be able to offer my clients the best experience with just a weekend of official training. I wanted to know all the best practices and tricks of the trade! I have finished the training and now feel confident and prepared to take my first job. Thank You Audra!

Rebecca M. Skatoff

I love the training so far. Despite working full-time, I've been so excited that I've completed the first week in exactly a week (which I wasn't trying to accomplish but I was enjoying it and am eager to finish). I like that you give a lot of options in your material so that I can choose what works best for me right now. For example, you give several different staging reports, pricing options/names for the packages, etc.

Jaime Hale - Jaime Hale Home Staging & Redesign

I love it. I enjoy learning how to build a business and watching the design modules. I feel this program is very organized and user friendly. As a realtor, I feel I'm learning a lot too since it goes hand and hand. Especially , when you mention photography, mls critiques, etc.. thank you!

Katie Gerstel

This puts everything together for me. We are a lot alike in that I like to be very organized and have a process I follow. The step by step so far is great, my business is set up and I'll be ready for my first customer!!

Chris Butcher - Chris Butcher Designs

The training provided by HSR is absolutely top notch. I have learned so much over a short amount of time and cannot wait to apply it. Not only did I get the chance to hone in on my design skills, I also learned how to build a website, market my business and connect with vendors, dealers, realtors and form critical relationships. HSR provides a comprehensive, yet manageable approach. Before starting this journey I researched several other programs and eventually selected HSR & couldn't be more pleased.

Audra, you are such a wonderful teacher. Thank you for explaining things in terms that I can understand. I am absolutely loving this course & cannot wait to complete it so I can finally leave nursing & pursue my true passion of home staging! My real-estate agent really urged me to pursue my passion and you have helped to boost my confidence as well. I have been in nursing for 10 years and the business aspect is what really intimidated me. Thanks to you, I now have a better understanding and the business side makes more sense. I felt like Audra was there with me, guiding my steps. Thank you, Audra! You are my hero :)

Lindsay Brooke Gillen - Succulent Spaces Staging

The classy design, content and ease of use are fabulous!

I love it, love it, love it!


Jenifer Egan - Mystic Home Staging & Redesign

The site is very easy to set up with watching all of the videos. I have never done a website, so this being easy for me means that the format and videos make it very simple! It is definitely worth the money!

I love the look of this website. I am in Orange County competing with people in Irvine, Newport Beach etc. and this site looks amazing by comparison.

It's not live yet, but I have no doubt everyone is going to love it!

Holly Young - Grace Designs O.C.

I LOVE it!!! It is very informative, clear and easy to follow. Each lesson I complete builds my confidence a bit more and gives me the tools to be a successful home stager and redesigner. Thank you!

Carmel Topinka-Pennington - Sweet Spot Staging

I am so thankful and excited that I invested in this training certification through HSR! It has taken me almost 8 months to finish so if you start out and life gets crazy don't give up! Audra is great at encouraging you to take the course at your own pace and she means it. I feel like I am better prepared for success taking this extra time and trusting God's direction in the process. Audra and HSR are amazing!!

Amanda Sue Jackson - Cinders Home Staging
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