6 Ways to Bring Fall into Your Home - HSR Home Staging Certification Training

I absolutely LOVE this time of year because it brings a season of reflection, gratefulness, togetherness and helps me to refocus on what's important for next year.  Fall is also the perfect time of year to bring the outdoors in and make your house feel like home.  In the past, I've told you about my unconventional Thanksgiving traditions but here are other ways I embrace the season.

Here are 6 hot tips for getting your "Fall On":-)​


Bring Trending Fall Colors into Your Space...

In my Expert E-Designer training we added a new living space board that really embodies the colors of fall:

Inspired by the warmth and vibrant colors of Fall (as well as our Colors of the Year 2019), our newly launched E-Design board captures the ambiance of the season. Orange, brown and creamy colors are balanced in this living room space to create a warm and a welcoming atmosphere.

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The super popular, Pottery Barn sofa and chairs provide a nice neutral place where the autumn pillows can make their statement (and you can swap them out easily from season to season). The canvas tree art and birch wood logs are a great way to invite the outdoors in and capture the feeling of fall throughout the space.


Take Time to Be Grateful and Focus on the "Good Stuff"

I get it, sometimes life has a way of beating us down.  I can get hundreds of client compliments and then there's that one negative that can HAUNT me.  How do I refocus?  I think about all the good stuff in my business and life.  I focus on simply...being grateful.

Sometimes this means I get off of social media and don't watch the news for a few days to re-calibrate.  It's okay that I'm not instantly responding to Facebook requests.

To avoid burn-out and to really enjoy the changing of the season, I need to reflect on the positive.

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  • Focus on what's working in my business rather than what's not
  • Focus on the things I like to do in my business and think about outsourcing the stuff I don't
  • Think about all the beautiful people in my life and send them good thoughts and prayers
  • Remember that my gifts are meant to be shared and being thankful for those gifts

November is the time to rethink what I'm doing in a positive way as I prepare for a holiday of Thanksgiving then Christmas.  


Dial-In Your Dining Room Table

Since I don't have a lot of storage space in my home, I love the idea of taking my existing decor (that I love) and redecorating it for the season.  HSR Grad Kellie Carroll of KMC Redesign Studio shared these photos of how she redecorated her table for the fall...I LOVE IT!



Make a Statement Piece

 You can create a unique and beautiful succulent topped pumpkin arrangement in minutes (or buy one on Etsy for $75). With a pumpkin or gourd, a variety of small succulents, tacky glue and some moss, you can create this arrangement for your home for under $25. This beauty can be used through Thanksgiving and can be replanted in another container for the next season.

HSR Grad, Kristine Ginsberg of Elite Staging and Interiors​ shared this post on Instagram of her pumpkin centerpiece:



Get Cozy with Hygge Design

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.  As a design style, think of sheep skin rugs,  a warm throw blanket, pillar candles, a fire in the fireplace, hot tea and furry slippers.  If those items don't make you feel like fall, I don't know what does!

In this staging transformation, my sister Corrine McKendrick of Pacific Home Design a Santa Cruz staging company is REALLY good at adding Hygge  to the homes in the mountain region of Santa Cruz.​

BEFORE Staging using Hygge

Layered rugs, sheepskin furs on chairs, knobby pillows, wood in a basket ready to furn and a cozy throw over the couch literally make me want to sink into this home!
Here are some of my favorite Amazon throws to complete your fall look:

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Tap Into Your "First Sense"

Out of all of our 5 senses, the sense of smell gives us the most nostalgia.  Create that nostalgia for your family this season by using fall candles.  Fall has it's own intoxicating smells and scents of the season.

Just by lighting candles you can cozy up your home and fill it with smells like pumpkin pie, freshly picked apples, sage, nutmeg or other favorite seasonal scents. If you’re not a fan of scented candles but still want the ambience, battery operated timer candles are the way to go!

My favorite candles are at Anthropologie because they smell amazing and last forever.

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I hope you enjoy your entire holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year's and spoil yourself a bit. 

For more on how I spend my Thanksgiving holiday, check out my Unconventional Thanksgiving post below...

I absolutely LOVE this time of year because it brings a season of reflection, gratefulness, togetherness and helps me to refocus on what’s important for next year.  Fall is also the perfect time of year to bring the outdoors in and make your house feel like home.  In the past, I’ve told you about my unconventional Thanksgiving traditions but here are other ways I embrace the season.

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