How Stagers are Staging Virtually - HSR Home Staging Certification Training

We are in Week 5 of our Virtual Happy Hours where every Wednesday at 3pm, we drink, laugh, learn, inspire and create strategies for staging virtually during this pandemic!

In last week's virtual happy hour  on April 15th, I discussed the myths about doing business during this time, how the right marketing approach is critical, mistakes stagers are making, why you can work with clients remotely to do staging virtually and I recapped my "A-Z Guide on Working Remotely and Staging Virtually with clients".

The one-hour, free live session went over a lot and more importantly, the chat room of over 250 fellow happy hour friends had so many interesting comments and ideas that of course the video below includes the very active chat room.

Here's the video replay of the April 15th Happy Hour:

I'm so grateful for all the comments and emails from so many of you that took my "A-Z Guide to Going Remote and Staging Virtually" and ROCKED it with your clients!  Stagers are working with clients like never before to solve their most pressing stage and sell in this pandemic or to love where you are sheltering in place.

In the training video above, I talk about the importance of being present, helpful and available with your clients...this is a time to shine as a business!

In the video I share tons of inspiring and encouraging stories of stagers partnering with their agents clients to help sellers staging virtually, as well as talked about how so many of us have taken moments to "reset" in life, relationships, passions and business.

I also talk about the mistakes stagers are making during this time!  You don't want to be the person who annoys but rather helps yet some stagers are marketing with the wrong tone (I show you an example).  Selling aggressively is not the answer.

I recapped all of the training, Canva Templates and materials I've been teaching in my "A-Z Guide to Going Remote and Staging Virtually" so this is a good video to watch if you missed my past happy hours.

I also provided a 4-page, resource filled handout in the happy hour, so to get that simply sign up below:

Will some positive things come out of this pandemic?  I absolutely believe so and so do the people in the chat room when you read their comments!

This video will inspire and encourage you, so take a moment to unplug, grab your happy hour drink of choice and watch the full replay...let me know what you think below!

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