Secret to Marketing Your Remote Design Services - HSR Home Staging Certification Training

In our April 8th, Virtual Happy Hour I gave a detailed presentation PLUS resource links and "copy and paste" scripts on exactly how you should market your new remote staging and design services.

I showed people a brand new marketing approach that will win them results RIGHT AWAY.  Trust me when I say that you have never tried this with clients, so the value in this free presentation will blow your mind.

Here's the process I shared but I took it one step further by including very specific, copy and paste scripts to use in order to not be overly salesy but authentic.  Overly salesy is not going to work in this time of crisis.

Ann Struve took my advice from the training video below and contacted 8 agents using my scripts (below) and had 3 agents get right back to her about her remote staging services...woot!

I also shared inspiring stories of people just like you who are shifting their business to work remote or starting something brand new with their life during this downtime.  In other words, they are not satisfied with puzzles and Netflix:-).

The video is about an hour since we go over A LOT of stuff but I promise it will inspire you!

In fact, after I gave this eye-opening marketing presentation, I got some super cool and encouraging emails from you all...

Email from Laura in hard hit New York who loved the idea of being on happy hour with her martini with 250 other people:-)
An Email from Rob from Boston who has been on all my virtual happy hours and felt inspired to pay it forward by helping a friend redecorate their restaurant during this time...super cool!

You can download my scripts and resources below the video training.  Make sure to go FULL SCREEN to see the details of what I'm sharing...

If this is your first training video with me then you will definitely want to go to my prior presentations and download my "A-Z Guide to Going Remote with Your Staging and Design Services" at this link.

Click on the button below to download the scripts and resources from the April 8 Virtual Happy Hour presentation above...

During this difficult time, I'm so grateful for all the stories and encouragement I've gotten from you all!

I would love to hear your feedback below on what you thought of this marketing strategy and Virtual Happy Hour, so please comment below...

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