Remote Design and Staging - HSR Home Staging Certification Training

This April 22nd Virtual Happy Hour video continuing our series on how to pivot your business and do remote design and staging easily!

Our virtual happy hours are getting crazier and crazier as we work together as an industry to solve our clients staging and design issues while sheltering in place.  In other words doing remote design and staging which we've all found to be much easier than expected...woot!

It was a special virtual happy hour because I walked you through some safety roll-out best practices AND strategies for remote design and staging.

Here's what we  covered in the April 22nd virtual happy hour video below:

  • NAR article on how stagers are responding to Covid-19
  • How to prepare and roll-out your business safely when this is over (if you haven't already)
  • Safety staging best practices and work-arounds for remote design and staging (TONS of real stories and great ideas)
  • Preparing for the boom in the market

Before you watch the video below which is our 6th weekly virtual happy hour since this crisis hit, you will want to go through my A-Z Guide to Going Remote.

Make sure to go full-screen on this video to be able to watch the valuable chat room comments (it blew up the entire time) AND see the many emails that stagers and designers shared with me on how they have used my "A-Z Guide to Going Remote" and pivoted their business to make money during this unprecedented time.

As usual, cheers to you and your business!

Hope to see you in my next webinar where I'm totally switching it up and talking about dreaming and side hustling:-)....hope to see you in the chat room!

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