Premium Website Learning Area

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Getting Started Videos 
for Websites Created AFTER Sept. 24, 2019

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  10-Simple Steps to Customizing Your Website

Edit and customize your website in less than an hour!

That's right, there is only an hour of "mission critical" videos to watch in order to customize your login, social media links, text on pages, portfolio slider and header logo!  You must at least do those quick items before delving into more website customizing or opening up a help ticket.

We Strongly Recommend You Use Google Chrome Browser While Editing Your Works Best!

Video 1 - Login to Your Website


Logging into your site, changing your profile and securing your password.

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Video 2 - Edit Your Social Profiles


Changing the social media profiles to your business, as well as customizing their look and feel.

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Video 3 - Editing Your Header and Swapping out the Logo


Editing the header logo with your own logo, adding the click to call or removing it

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Video 4 - Editing Your Pages - Changing Text, Imagery and Phone


Easily edit all the placeholder page content we set up for you.  Change background images and edit your phone number.

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Video 5 - Editing Your Portfolio Slider


Quickly add your portfolio images to the slider we have set up for you and delete the placeholders

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You MUST Delete the HSR Placeholder Photos We've Put in Your Portfolio!

We kindly ask that you delete any stock photos/placeholder photos in your portfolio slider in order to comply with RESA industry standards and not mislead clients.  

Video 6 - Built-In Fail-Safes, Templates and Symbols


We've made it easy to not mess up by providing page templates and inserts, so you can create and save your work for every page!

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Video 7 - Getting Support, SEO and More How-To Videos


Add some Google Juice to your site home page, learn how to get support and where there are tons more how-to videos.

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Video 8 - Adding Pages, Changing the Menu & Bonus Blocks


We've made it easy to not mess up by providing page templates and inserts, so you can create and save your work for every page!

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Now You're Looking Good but Don't Stop There...

Video 9 - Changing Fonts, Colors and Reviewing Elements


Here's where we dig into customizing your site and the cool elements you can add to your pages...

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Video 10 - Connecting Your Mail Chimp Account to Your Website


Collect client emails and get leads from your website easily by connecting your MailChimp Account

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Great Job! Now Watch More Thrive Videos to Get to Know Your Website Better:-)

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