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Getting Started Videos

  10-Simple Steps to Customizing Your Website

Edit and customize your website in less than an hour!

That's right, there is only an hour of "mission critical" videos to watch in order to customize your login, social media links, text on pages, portfolio slider and header logo!  You must at least do those quick items before delving into more website customizing or opening up a help ticket.

Video 1 - Login to Your Website


Logging into your site, changing your profile and securing your password.

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Video 2 - Edit Your Social Profiles


Changing the top right social media profiles to your business, as well as customizing their look and feel.

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Video 3 - Edit Your Pages


Easily edit your pages and see your changes in real-time!  You must edit all the text, so you look original!

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Video 4 - Edit Your Portfolio Slider


Resize and upload your own Portfolio photos and add them to the slider.

Bonus! - Click Here for "Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Images", so it doesn't slow your website down.

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Video 5 - Create & Add Your Logo


How to create a cool and simple header logo using Picmonkey and insert it into the header of your website

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Now that you've made great changes to your website make sure to watch the video below and BACK UP YOUR WEBSITE!  We cannot recover your website if something gets glitchy unless you back it up!

Video 6 - Fail Safes, Revisions & Support


Some fail-safe tips, how to "undo" mistakes and get support when you need it...

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Video 7 - SEO Tips


Add some Google Juice to your website!

SEO is a VERY complicated process that you may want to hire a company to help you with...​

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Video 8 - Adding Pages to the Menu


More learning links, creating a page and adding it to the menu.

Resource Links:
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This is a reminder for you to NOT update your Thrive Plugins!  If you do, the Thrive Content Builder will look completely different...the menu will not be on the right side but go to the left side of the page and say "Thrive Architect" at the top.

Fill out a support ticket right away if you think you've accidentally updated, thanks!

Video 9 - Theme Options, Fonts, Colors & Backgrounds


Theme options like changing colors, fonts, swapping out the background photos and undoing your mistakes.

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Video 10 - Connecting Mail Chimp & Leads


Connecting your Mail Chimp email marketing account with your website to collect leads from the pop-up.

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Those are the most important steps you can take to customize and make your website your own.  To do more, simply watch the next videos...


Getting to know the Thrive Content Toolbar.

Ready to Have Some Fun!


Adding Animation and Light Boxes...Events to Your Images and Website


Do you want an email contact link on your website?  Here's how you can do it easily!


Mobile optimizing your site and adding pattern backgrounds using PatternCooler

If your website was created after December, 2017 your website should already have SSL...if you don't see it, follow the video below to add it easily.


Do you want to install SSL on your website easily for free?

Need Some Peace of Mind?

I mentioned in the video above that there are "Website Security" companies who can monitor, protect, update and backup your site for you for a monthly fee.  This is not a service that HSR provides, so you are encouraged to manage your website on your own or hire one of these companies to do it.  Below is a list of those companies, so do your research: