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I love hearing and sharing stories of personal and professional success from my HSR Grads!   Today I'm sharing  a story and gorgeous photos from Dina Ferguson, a Scottsdale home stager who not only rebounded her business when the economy tanked but also overcame the odds of moving to a different state!  Here's her full story and amazing work from four months ago to today...enjoy!

Dina sent me this letter last June...

Scottsdale home stager Dina

Hi Audra - I worked as an Interior Designer for 7 years, but switched to being a special education teacher (my original degree) when the economy tanked.  As much as I have enjoyed working in education, my focus has been to find a way back into the design trade.

Once I decided that staging was the best fit for me, I began researching local stagers, websites and training companies.  I was reluctant to spend the money for another training or certification (I have 60 units of design coursework already)

scottsdale home stager dina2


Currently, I am in Week Two of your training and WOW!  Your training is worth every penny and more.  Staging is not rocket science, but being an entrepreneur and knowing how to market your business and build a brand is! I would NEVER have been able to do this on my own.

scottsdale home stager


Flash forward to today, I sent Dina an email just "checking in" and got this very cool response... 

Hi Audra, I moved to a new area where I know no one two months ago.  I began working the marketing tips your provide in the training and got my first vacant staging job! 

Scottsdale home stager5


How cool is that?  Not only did Dina start a brand new business, she moved to another state and already is getting calls for work!  These photos are from that vacant job and I would absolutely say she is in the RIGHT INDUSTRY....what do you think?


Wow! That is the only way to describe this training. As an entrepreneur and design professional wanting to shift gears into the staging platform, I found this training invaluable for the business and marketing expertise. I can't thank HSR enough for sharing this information and motivating me to expand into this next phase.

Dina Ferguson Debut Home Staging

Here's A Video of another Interior Designer Turned, Award Winning RESA Stager of the Year...

What will your story be?

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Another HSR Grad success story about a Scottsdale home stager who started out as an interior designer and made a cross-state move to start her staging business.

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