7 Reasons to Add Holiday Design to Grow Your Business - HSR Home Staging Certification Training

Are you ready for the holidays?  Do you love to decorate for Christmas?

I know many of you LOVE holiday design, so I've put together "7 Reasons You Should Add Holiday Design to Your Business"...


Holiday Design Fulfills a Need...

Let's face it...the holidays can be EXHAUSTING for most of us!  Between the gift shopping, parties, wrapping and vacation planning it's hard to carve out time to sift through our massive amounts of holiday decorations. Most people would love a service that works with them to dial in their holiday home while saving them time.

We are in the era of "outsourcing" and now more than ever people are paying others to do the work they don't have the time for.

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Holiday Design Attracts a High-End Clientele

The very nature of holiday design is to save clients time by doing the design for them, so typically the folks who don't have that kind of time but do have the money are in a higher-end, income bracket.

What do this mean for the designer?  It means you've just created a wonderful referral source for multiple design projects!


Holiday Design Attracts a "Regular" Clientele

The great thing about a offering a holiday design service is that those client's whom you did an excellent job for the previous year, will invariably have you come back every year!  That's right...you only need to cultivate a handful of client's to have regular, steady business every year.  In fact, a stager friend of mine says that she earns almost 15% of her business yearly on only a few, holiday design client's that LOVE her.

Expand Your Business to Holiday Design


Holiday Design "Hedges" Your Staging Season

Sometimes I hear stager's complain that their staging business really dips during the holidays, so having a steady, holiday design clientele that keeps you busy, year after year, makes perfect sense!


You Save Client's Money by Re-Purposing

Home Stagers and Designers have the uncanny ability to "see" interiors in creative ways and part of that skill-set goes toward Re-purposing items to their best showing. Why pack all of your current decor away before decorating for the holidays when you can easily to the gorgeous decor you already have and "holiday, bling it up!"


Holiday Design Services are EASY to Market

Not only is this kind of service highly referral based...it's easy to market using Facebook Ads, post cards and online directory key words...


Simply add the term "Holiday Design Services" to your Yelp listing and you're already ahead of the game!  Look how few providers come up in the entire San Diego area...


Holiday Design is EASY to Offer...

I've put together an hour long video training that walks you through the process, pricing and marketing of offering a Holiday Design service to your clients...

Expand Your Business to Holiday Design

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