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Serious Photo Eye Candy and 5 Hot Staging Tips

Designed to Sell

Part of being a Total Design Freak (TDF) means you love, love, love to see gorgeously staged homes designed to sell...right?:-)

In this post I'm serving up some serious "staging eye-candy" that I pulled from my home staging group this last month.  While we ooh and ahh at these photos, let's learn a thing or two about the design principles each stager followed that made their spaces such a success.

Here's 3 ways to get a lot of great ideas from these designed to sell spaces:

  • Notice the how the stager draws the eye around the room using color
  • See how the home stager expertly merchandises the space with accessories
  • Imagine what these spaces would have felt and looked like empty...yuck

Okay, now that you're ready to check out these rooms with your expert eyes as a learning activity, let's indulge and get inspired!

Big Style Staging

For those folks who think stagers should stick to only beige, I would disagree.  Navy has been the new neutral these days and in the living space above, Gina Gailing a South Florida home stager and long-time, HSR member showcases it beautifully!  

Staging Hot Tip

Using a dramatic, on-trend rug to cover some "not-so-attractive" tile floors is a great idea!  Imagine this room of dated, white tile without the rug...

Staged by Daniela Rocha

Another colorfully staged living space but this time with the not-so-neutral but ever popular yellow.  This is a log narrow space, so Daniela uses brighter color to draw the buyer's eyes to staged area starting with the living space.  This makes it so you focus separately on the "parts" of the room rather than seeing it as a long, narrow whole space.

Staged by Dora Design

I love the feel of this living space by HSR grad and phenom, Dora who is a Bay Area home stager whose business has taken off since the moment she got her HSR home staging certification!  She truly knows how to design to sell homes.

What I love about her work, is that she always keeps her inventory on-trend and fresh looking.  For instance, a hot new trend is adding details to furnishings or furniture embellishments.  For instance, check out the back of these chairs and do you notice the leather and buckle detail?

Now look at the pillows above and see how she mirrors that detail in her pillows?  It shows her extreme attention to even the smallest of details to pull together a GORGEOUS look.

Staging Hot Tip

Buyers are there to critique and notice even the smallest of detail in a space, so DELIGHT them with your details!  After looking at the 10 homes in their search, they will remember the uniquely and tastefully detailed home.

Let's Talk About What "Designed to Sell" Means...


QUICK!  Before scrolling to the "after" photo below, ask yourself what you would fix for these home owners who want a fresh new design for  their kitchen...

After - Designed by Lindsey Machado

Wowza!  Lindsey Machado hits it out of the park with this kitchen design.  You may have thought that you needed to fix the tile flooring (that probably runs through the entire house) but Lindsey repeats the tone of the floor in the island and bar stools which actually helps to improve the look of the floor.

Staging Hot Tip

When you can't change a fixed item in the home that has a bold color tone you're not super fond of...embrace it!  By repeating that tone in on-trend items you are actually making it cool looking.

You may be saying, "Audra, this is not designed to sell, so why is a home stager doing interior design work?"

My simple answer is "Why not?  She was trained and certified  in both staging and design through my HSR Certification program, so is comfortable tackling both for her clients".

Here's the deal...when you do a stellar job for a staging client (like the stagers above), it's VERY common for that seller to want you to help them with their "move-in design".  That is why getting trained in both staging and design is important...your clients will want you and you don't have to say no when you have a bullet proof process for tackling design work.

Staging is "designing for the buyer" while interior design is about "designing for the home owner" and in both cases, we are creating beautifully tailored spaces for the people we are "designing" for.  

Staged by Michelle Middel

The above photo is the perfect example of why "not all vacant staging is equal" and you "always get what you pay for when it comes to vacant staging".  This oversize space needs oversize furnishings.  Large, luxurious furnishings cost money.  You should always be pricing your vacant stagings with size and luxury-level in mind, so that you can afford furnishings like Michelle's above.

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing small, scale furniture in a grand scaled space...it just looks weird.

Michell Middell wisely staged this space absolutely to scale AND even used a huge rug to emphasize the large scale layout.

Staging Hot Tip

Furnishings with bold pattern have a lot more "visual weight" so they appear more large-scale.  The ottoman above is the perfect example this and it anchors the space nicely.

PS - I go over all this in my "Design Modules" 🙂

Staged by Michelle Middel

I could not resist throwing in this amazingly, serene bedroom that HSR Grad Michelle also staged.  Her spare use of color makes us love it even more.

I particularly LOVE how she layered not one but two throws on the bed!  What do you think?

Staged by Nicci Nolan Wright

There is something about the composition of this photograph and space that makes me swoon!  Maybe it's the repeated, various black and white patterns Nicci used or the way she draws the eye away from an otherwise unsightly fireplace...but the combination is very cool.  Designed to Sell AND designed to photograph.

Even though the large, round mirror has been so popular and overplayed...I still can't get enough of it.  What about you ?  Hint - Tons of these mirrors were at High Point and Market so I guess I'm not alone:-)

Staging Hot Tip

While staging, never forget that your first audience is your online visitor who only sees your composition through a photograph.  Stage for the photograph as well as the walk-in visitor and think about letting the photographer in on your vibe.

Staged by Melissa Mendelson

I have so many amazing photos to share but only so much time, so I will wrap it up with this living room staged by Melissa Mendelson.  Imagine if this room were bare...it would be so vanilla!

Melissa spices it up with lots of texture and detail. I love how she repeats the tone of the wood floors in the retro, leather chairs which by the way, draws the buyer's eyes to those fabulous focal point windows.

Staging Hot Tip

All of my members know one of my design mantra's and that is to "find the focal point and make it fabulous!"  It looks like the room above lacked  the standard fireplace focal point but this is not a problem for Melissa who emphasized the windows instead.

Well my beautiful friend, I hope you enjoyed those designed to sell photos and staging tips as much as I loved sharing them!  
If you're reading this and thinking about becoming a home stager and using your gift for design to transform spaces...then watch my free video about how to become a home stager below.

Could Home Staging" be a Career for You?

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  • 7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself
  • What the Cost is to Starting this Business
  • Do You Have the Personality for This Industry?
  • How You Know If You Have the Design Talent?

Wow! The certification is very in depth, way more than I was thinking. I will have to say "I really got my money's worth"!! You (Audra) cover every little thing. I'm very pleased with everything. My husband is also! He brags about me every chance he gets. We are really looking forward to starting up our own business together. I hope to be able to employ my two grown sons and my husband one day. I t may just be sooner than we think! That would be my dream come true! A BIG THANK YOU Audra! You are awesome!

Carol Church - Decorating Chick, LLC

I have been in the home staging industry for almost 10 years and until recently I didn't think having formal training was necessary. Audra provided me with invaluable advice in terms of marketing strategies and alternative revenue streams! I cannot wait to implement what I've learned and grow my business! Thank You Home Staging Resource!

Jessice Lynn Smith - Spotlight Staging & Design

HSR's certification training exceeded my expectations, it is a very complete training and covers everything, the business part, marketing and the staging/redesign part. I feel way more confident now. Honestly, before I started the training I had no idea how to begin my business! Now I feel confident and have no doubts that I will be successful! Thanks Audra!

Flor Lydna - Transformations Home Staging

I've been staging properties for the last 3 years and have always wanted to go deeper in this business. Until now, I didn't feel I had enough training to turn my love of redesign into a real business. HSR has given me the training, the forms and the confidence to move forward. I can't wait to see what is ahead!

Susan Daddono

Amazingly helpful! It was easy to follow the program, and Audra was delightful to listen to. I highly recommend this training for anyone with a passion for design and home staging.

Christine & Paula - Design Sisters Home Staging & Redesign

The HSR training provided us with all of the information and tools we needed to make a successful start to our business. Thank you Audra!!

Melissa Hagen & Sara Jeffrey - The Staging Company

The HSR training is amazing! Lots of valuable information has been covered. very organized in terms of the flow of the material. Moreover, having all the forms and instruction is a treasure to an organized business kick off ! Audra, I am thankful to you for all you have done over the past years to give Home Staging a national and global reputation and credit that it deserves.

Atusa Darani - Atusa & Company

I can not say enough good things about this training. I know a lot of people say that and it's so very true. Can't even imagine how many hours Audra has put into this EXCELLENT training. Definitely worth the price! I would have NEVER had the confidence before to make my dream come true. Now I can honestly say I do and more than I ever thought I could. Thanks Audra for this AWESOME training and the confidence to be able to follow my dream.

Andrea McAtee - McAtee Staging & Redesign

I really enjoyed the HSR training. I learned so much and gained confidence in my decision to follow my design passion. Audra and her video tutorials were entertaining, packed with information and kept me focused on each lesson. I cant wait to get started with my new business. The resources available thru HSR are invaluable and worth every penny!

Lucy C Maehl

Audra, (and team ) I would like to thank you but words will not convey. I have always worked in a creative businesses and bought /refurbished many homes. I am always the go to friend for design advice and I too pour over local real estate, yet I had never thought of staging ( vacant's ) . After starting this course I can see the need in my area and I am hopeful that with your amazing training and CAN DO ATTITUDE I can make it work... thank you....

Dana Denton - A Bungalow Design

I just completed the HSR training which is by far the best certification program out there!!! I researched a lot of the staging training companies, and you will not receive all of the knowledge that Audra shares in any other program. You get so much information and resources that it is mind blowing. I can't wait to get my business up and running!!

Cristy Smith - Elan Staging & Redesign

I have been staging for over a year and I learned so much more than I ever knew about the business side of staging. I also learned about working in a more professional way with my clients. I was good at staging before, now I am going to be GREAT!

Tricia Bass - Tricia Bass Beautiful Homes

Going through the HSR certification training has been a total game changer. I have gained so much knowledge, not just about staging but how to run your business. The staging part I had down pat. However, I know now that my business would have suffered on the marketing (web design, presentations, bold, etc) end had it not been for HSR.

Amy C. Scarborough - Happy Is The After

Audra's HSR program is amazing! It's very detailed and is something I wish I had found years ago if I weren't to afraid to follow my passion. I took my time getting through the material but remembering my "why" pushed me past my fear. Now, as an HSR grad, I am confident I have the tools to be successful...I'm ready! Thanks Audra.

Chanell Miller - A.L.O.F Home Interiors

Taking the HSR certification training was a great boost for my business! There are so many ins and outs to this industry, and as Audra says, why reinvent the wheel? I'd rather focus on delivering results for my clients than being bogged down with administrative setup tasks. Thanks Audra!

Rachel Jennifer - Rachel Jennifer Interiors

Audra's HSR program is amazing! It's very detailed and is something I wish I had found years ago if I weren't to afraid to follow my passion. I took my time getting through the material but remembering my "why" pushed me past my fear. Now, as an HSR grad, I am confident I have the tools to be successful...I'm ready! Thanks Audra.

Kara Whisler - Midwest Mod Interiors

HSR's training and certification program was exactly what I needed to help me turn my design hobby into a business. Audra's wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable, and I am so glad I chose this program to jump start my home staging business.

Elizabeth Pollard - EP Home Staging

I can't say enough good things about HSR training. Its a pleasure to have joined such a complete program. So much material is at your finger tips to make even a beginner like me succeed.

Charlotte Bullock - Bullock Design and Staging

The HSR training has been phenomenal! The thorough and easy-to-follow videos, readings, and handouts have helped me feel very prepared to launch my staging and redesign business, even with very little prior staging/styling background. Well worth it!

Brooke Craig - Brooke Craig Interiors

I absolutely loved your training. I feel very confident about staging now and feel your training has equipped me to be successful. You have given so many wonderful and useful business advice as well. Loved taking your class!!

Kelly Rhee - Pink Diamond Staging & Design

I am incredibly thankful for Audra and Home Staging Resource. I knew HSR was the right choice after watching the introduction video and learning about the program. HSR is not just a home staging training. When taking the course through HSR, you will learn smart home staging and redesign strategies and tips, you'll gain a wealth of knowledge on how to structure your business properly, and you'll learn how to implement marketing strategies that work for long term success. After taking the training and as I move into my new career as a home stager and redesigner, I feel excited, confident, and empowered in my ability to build and grow my business so I may share my passion and love for design with my clients.

Elizabeth Anne Shea - Gardenia Home Design

HSR training is comprehensive, professional and not for the faint of heart. This program not only trains you on the fun design side but takes you into a realistic, functional marketing program that will make your business not only successful but optimal for resale down the road. Thanks for all the information and all the possibilities that await me.

Mary Redwine - Rain Tree Staging & Design

Very updated and clean/bright and love that we can customize it!

Andrea T Turner - Decor By Redesign

I had previously purchased training through another company and was still struggling on how to fill in some holes that I did not have information on. Then I found HSR. It covered EVERYTHING that I needed to know and answered questions that I did not even know I had. Audra's training was extensive and thorough with no subject left untouched. Her passion for helping home stagers is obvious and the ongoing support available is amazing! Now I feel that I have everything I need to transform my business in to the dream I have had for so long!

Diane Mayo - Creative Interiors

Audra's program is fully extensive, with a plethora of real-life examples to learn from. She doesn't hold back on any industry secrets and really shows examples of great staging and explains road blocks, and pitfalls to avoid. She really covers everything and makes it fun and easy to follow.

Jenine Porvin - Modern Desert Interiors

The HSR program was extremely comprehensive. Audra provides everything imaginable to set the foundation for a successful staging and design career. Her expertise in business, marketing, and the digital world makes this program stand out.

Julie Martin - Haven Staging & Design

I just completed my training! I must say, this training was very informative, very information packed, and very helpful. You would be hard pressed to find a comprehensive step by step guide to setting up your own business anywhere like this! Guys, this is your business wrapped in a bow! Can't get any simpler than that! Thank you Audra 1000 times over!

Jacqueline Tillery - JST Real Estate Interiors

Audra has sincere passion and dedication to the staging industry as demonstrated through her training. I chose to embark on this journey with Audra as a trainer because I like her realist approach to business, her positive attitude, and attention to detail in her training materials. Education and learning is a necessity for me as I am curious by nature. Audra far exceeded my expectations as I learned more through her course then I could have anticipated. Thank you, Audra.

Amy Beers - House of Sheldon

This training was so much more then I ever imagined it would be! The information on how to market and brand my business was real eye opening for me.

Caryn Irwin - Staging & Design Caryn

Dorm Room Staging


Sending kids off to college can be tough...I know as I will be doing that next year and am already completely dreading it!  It's even tougher on the child and moving into ugly, boring and sterile dorm rooms does not make it any easier.   That's why I love this story about DORM ROOM STAGING  that I wrote for the National Association of Realtors staging blog which featured yet another way for stagers to do amazing things in unique locations!

Penn State wisely contacted HSR Certified Carolyn Plummer of Carolyn Plummer Designs and home staging based in Harrisburg, PA for a solution to boring dorm spaces and you won't believe the transformation...

Before Photo

After Photo -  Carolyn Plummer Designs

I absolutely love how Carolyn softens up the space with an on-trend color palette that pleases both boys and girls along with a TON of textures and cozy rug, pillows and throws.  Imagine previewing colleges with your child to find this staged dorm space as an option vs. the typical un-staged space above it?

The builder was ecstatic with her work and these staged spaces put Penn State on top of their college recruiting game!

Here's some more photos but to read the WHOLE story, CLICK HERE.

Before Photo

After Photo - Carolyn Plummer Designs

The builder also used these photos in their marketing materials...in fact, the developers of this housing unit were so impressed with the job Carolyn did, they kept the furnishings for the model unit.

They’ve since rented out all of the units through the next three years—wow!

As a contributor to the National Association of Realtors staging blog, my favorite thing to do is to brag about the incredible talent of my HSR certified home staging members.  I also find it so interesting to watch the MANY different directions home stagers take their business because there are so many niches available to them.  

I will share Carolyn's behind the scenes Member Success story soon but here's what she had to finish with when she shared her dorm room project with me...


Fortunately, I was very blessed to have had your amazing training and gain credibility through projects, presentations, etc.  Audra, you gave me the confidence and the knowledge to be successful…….I just can’t thank you enough!!!! 😊

Carolyn Plummer Carolyn Plummer Designs

Thank you Carolyn for sharing your story and talent to encourage others!   This is an amazing industry because of people like you.
If you're reading this and thinking about becoming a home stager and creating your own story...then watch my free video about how to become a home stager below...

Could Home Staging" be a Career for You?

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  • 7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself
  • What the Cost is to Starting this Business
  • Do You Have the Personality for This Industry?
  • How You Know If You Have the Design Talent?

More Stories from HSR Certified Home Stagers...

2018 Outdoor Trends

2018 outdoor trends

I just wrote a post for the National Association of Realtors on the "2018 Outdoor Trends" and I had to share it on my blog as well because it's my own project!  I learned a lot about outdoor trends and I have a whole new respect for my design clients who go through large-scale remodel projects like I did!

>>Click Here to see my NAR article, "2018 Outdoor Trends: Jaw-Dropping Transformations"

Here's the behind the scenes scoop on my project, as well as some lessons learned...

My goals for the project were to create an extension of my living space seamlessly.  I chose finishes, fixtures and furnishings that all have an indoor look. 

Below is the before photo looking out of my kitchen dutch door into my side yard...

We knocked down the kitchen wall and opened up the space...

Home Staging Resource After Photo

I have 3 sports fanatics (my husband and 2 teenage sons) living under one roof and we always argue over the remote, so an additional living space and outdoor dining area was essential!

Before Photo

I also like to entertain and cook outside, so an outdoor kitchen area became another focal point.  To give the outdoor space more of an "indoor feel" I enclosed the back wall around the outside kitchen area.

After Photo - Home Staging Resource

Home Stagers Need to Know that...

Outdoor living spaces are increasingly becoming more valuable to a buyers perspective.  In fact, in a January, 2018 FreshHome Article entitled, "Which Home Improvements Have the Best ROI in 2018" Outdoor Living Space was #2!

"According to a recent survey, 51% of home buyers find outdoor living space the most attractive quality when searching for their perfect home, more so than open floor plans and curb appeal.

Having recently completed my own outdoor remodel design job, I can say it has absolutely changed the way we live!

As a writer for the NAR staging blog, I like to talk about trends and share my members stories.  Here’s a post I wrote about my own outdoor design project…

Perfect Business for New Moms

business for new moms

Having just come back from speaking at the Real Estate Staging Convention I have so many, amazing stories to tell about the people who take a leap of faith, follow their design passion (and talent), take our HSR Certification training and are now loving life!  I have tons of photos to share too but I wanted to get this story out which showed home staging to be the perfect business for a new mom.

One such story, I had to share right away was Asha Thune Clarks of Haven Space Designs an Austin, TX based home stager.  I love her story because it shows how she created the perfect business for new moms and so represents what I hear daily from people wondering if they can do this. 

Asha was a new mom when she started the HSR training four years ago and wanted a business that could work around her hours, allow her to contribute to the family finances and still make all the important events in her children’s lives.  That's when she found my training!

Here's Her Inspiring Story and Impressive Portfolio...

One of my very favorite childhood memories was walking into my bedroom and discovering that my mom had surprised me with a beautiful new bedspread. I can still feel the fabric and could pick that particular shade of pink out of a lineup any day. I could not have been more than four years old, but I vividly remember the beauty of my newly, lovingly designed room and how it made me feel: special, loved, and perfectly at peace (as much as a four-year-old recognizes peace).

Throughout the many years that followed, I looked at houses inside and out and loved how the built environment influenced the way I felt. My husband still finds my habit of asking him to slow down as we drive past warmly lit houses at night a bit creepy, but I just love how life happens inside a space that looks and feels beautiful.

When I was around ten, my mom started working for Any Baby Can, an amazing organization that helps families with children with special needs or chronic illnesses. I would tag along on many of her endeavors. One such trip brought us to a small house where we delivered Thanksgiving dinner. I will never forget driving up to the house and once inside, realizing that the dirt floors were not a temporary inconvenience during a remodel or construction; it was the way of life. My heart was changed so strongly that I found myself engaged in as much volunteer work during my high school years as I could find.

When I was accepted into the UT School of Social Work, it seemed fitting; however, I had this nagging voice that wouldn’t let me ignore the dream of creating interior spaces that look and feel beautiful. After all, I was the girl who introduced herself to her would-be college roommate not by saying what my hobbies and interests were but by telling her that our dorm room would be decorated in purple and to please be sure she coordinated her bedding accordingly. Miraculously, she is still one of my most treasured friends.

I completed my graduate degree in Social Work and years went by. I found myself enjoying my career at a local non-profit for several years, but the feeling of “what if I could do what I really love” never went away. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband encouraged me to take a leap of faith and make a change since we were about to embark on the biggest change of all. I wanted to be sure that whatever I did, I made it official; I started researching Professional Staging Certification programs. I found HSR and began the training.

I was a kid in a candy store going through the modules and learning more not just about how to stage and decorate but how to run my own business.

Before I even completed the training, I had my first client. I was in a total panic and made a couple frantic calls to Audra to get guidance on how to proceed as if I knew what I was doing. HSR gave me tools that helped me move confidently forward. I cannot believe that this journey started almost three years ago. My business has grown steadily, along with my family.

I specialize in Occupied Consultations and also work with design clients who want to improve their living spaces. I also now have a 10-month-old little boy. It is an amazing gift to live near my own mother who helps juggle – I mean watch- the little ones when I meet with clients. I get to plan my work around their needs and never have to miss out on special moments or events. As ridiculous as it sounds, I often find myself driving away from clients’ homes with a smile on my face.

I was recently asked the age-old “if you won the lottery, would you quit the next day” question. Without a doubt, my answer is “No!” I love what I do, I love the people I get to help, I love the realtors I work for who want the best for their clients, and I love that HSR helped turn my life-long daydream into my real-life job.

Woohoo, how cool is that?!

Thank you Asha for sharing your story and talent to encourage others!   This is an amazing industry because of people like you.
If you're reading this and thinking about becoming a home stager and creating your story...then watch my free video about how to become a home stager below...

Could Home Staging" be a Career for You?

Don’t miss this..!!

  • 7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself
  • What the Cost is to Starting this Business
  • Do You Have the Personality for This Industry?
  • How You Know If You Have the Design Talent?

Some More Recent Stories from Home Stagers...

Amazing Home Staging Before and After Photos

In the over ten years I’ve been doing home staging training, I NEVER get tired of seeing gorgeous, home staging before and after photos!  Successful staging is not “easy” or something you can learn in a book.  Amazing staging is an ART form born out of extreme expertise driven from a life time of a passion for interiors.  There is so much design talent in our HSR certified membership, I just had to share some of my recent favorites from our almost 10,000 photos in our Stagers Connect photo gallery…

Carolyn Rush of CR Interior Designs, a home staging company in Montgomery County takes a home with lots of character and works her staging magic:

BEFORE Staging

AFTER Staging

Look what Ginger Slemons of Elevating Spaces, a home stager in Salt Lake City did to this home!  It’s all about getting the buyer to stay in the home and eliminating those questions a buyer would have about a home that does not look “model ready”.  As you can see from these two home staging before-and-after photos PAINT makes all the difference!

And you all know what a pillow freak I am, so you can imagine how much I love the way this master bedroom home staging before and after is given some fun style with just a pillow…

Nichol Sandoval of DreamHome Staging in Hollister, CA staged this vacant home where before you mostly notice the bad valance and broken blinds.  Another critical reason to always staging a vacant space…look how the after staging makes this room look adorable!




Every tiny area of the home can benefit from a fresh perspective!  Laura McAllister of Laura Lorraine Designs, a staging company in Rancho Cucamonga, CA helped a friend redesign their entry table area.  Every area of the home, gives the interior stylist an opportunity to create style, function and a smile on the owner’s face!  I love how that tiny space now has big impact:


I’m buried in home selling success stories and wish I could share them all!  I also get to hear a ton of personal success stories especially from new members who just decided to take the plunge, follow their dreams and start a home staging and design business…

here’s a couple of my recent favorites that made me laugh out loud…

I am so excited about this business that I can barely sleep!  I dreamt about color  combinations all night. My boyfriend is looking at me sideways,  wondering why this makes me so happy!

Sure beats sitting in a cubicle.  Thanks so much for creating such a great program!

Best regards, Cyndi Latour

This was one of the first non-testimonials I’ve ever received and it made me completely crack up!

Audra, I cant thank you enough. Not a slow start but a slow/medium start to my new business but it finally clicked in and I am now turning down jobs because I am just too busy. There is so much information in your course that I was only able to skim through and if there is such a thing as a “slow season” I welcome the chance to go back and study it further. Looking back, the best tool I used to start my business was to sign up for your classes. The bad news is that I can’t recommend you because I don’t want my competition to have the valuable tools you have provided me…Forever in your debt.

I had to keep that one anonymous but isn’t that hysterical?  Anyway,

homes and people are being transformed in this industry…it’s a wonderful thing!

Finally, I just had to share an email I received from a new member, Janis Capone entitled, “A Great Friday the 13th!”

Janet had emailed me last week letting me know she had her first full, staging day on Friday, Nov. 13, so I quickly emailed her back some tips, encouragement and a request to let me know how it went…here’s what she sent today:

 Hi Audra,

Thanks for the congrats and well wishes.  Today was fabulous!  You really came through for me in so many ways.  I felt prepared, confident and comfortable with my first full home staging.  Your voice was a constant in my head saying,”You can do this”.  I practiced my pitch (like you instructed), I was complimentary of their home, I was honest and I listened to them.
Your words of wisdom really paid off. What great satisfaction not only for me, but more importantly my clients. Rewarded with many hugs and kisses and a check to boot! I know that there is so much more to learn and I can’t wait for this. So in closing, thank you for a great day and I look forward to many more.

 How cool is that?!  What will your story be?

Not all professional stagers are equal!  Our HSR Certification training was the first and one of the only staging and redesign training programs that has been third-party, accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association, so invest in the best!

Ready to Become a Successful Home Stager and Redesigner?

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