How Stagers Collaborate Successfully - HSR Home Staging Certification Training
The key to success as an Entrepreneur is to know where to get the ANSWERS when you need them for your business...
This is why I'm so excited to launch a brand new ​home stager group called "Stagers Connect"!

We've always had a private social network called Stagers Connect but I've created a private Facebook Group and there is so much's incredible!  

I always say that home stagers are really the BEST people in the world!  They are fun, kind, have a hunger for learning, inspirational and have ALL followed a dream and made it happen. 

Here's a quick video to show you what's inside Stagers Connect...


This private Facebook Group is for ALL HSR grads and members past and present.  If you've gone through my training, then email [email protected] and they will give you the secret code word to get inside this incredible, learning resource!:-)​

On another note, I will be sharing some of the more inspirational posts and photos in future blog posts, so stay tuned...​

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  • What background should you have?
  • How much money do home stagers make & what to charge
  • What are the typical start-up costs and first steps?

I just created a private Facebook Group called Stagers Connect and there is a TON of activity going on in there…have a look!

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