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Videos for Stagers

Do you ever run out of ideas for posting on social media for your business?  Do you feel like no one even sees what you carefully post?  You're not alone!

This is why at the Home Staging Resource, we've added a large section in our training called the "Social Media Library" which supplies videos for stagers.  In this new training section, our HSR Certified Members will get to download over 35+ videos to use for their own social media funnels, plans and posts!  How cool is that?   One of my New Year's Resolutions was to provide even more, relevant resources to my peeps, so I'm happy to get a jump on it early:).

Video is one of 2018's hottest business trends and Facebook , so now is the time to add video to your business!

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Video is one of 2018's hottest business trends and Facebook is more likely to display video posts than anything else, so now is the time to add video to your business!

Watch This Video to See the Videos We Provide Our Members:


2018 promises to be a GREAT Year for stagers, so if you're looking at training companies to join...ask yourself this:  Does your training offer this kind of resource? 

Cheers to 2018!

HSR now provides videos for stagers to enhance their 2018 social media presence.  See what’s in the Members Training Area.

How to Make a Logo in 2 Minutes

2 minute logo

When I spoke at the RESA Conference on Branding, I got so much feedback from stagers who needed more good tools and information, that I thought it would be fun to do a quick video on creating a logo using one of my favorite free online image editing programs.  I know it’s more “ideal” to pay a designer to do this for you but I also know that many of us are on a budget and want a bit more control over what our image and branding says about us.

Here’s a quick video I created that shows you how easy it is to create a nicer looking logo that you can use to watermark your photos:


If you liked that video, then you will really like the video I created on how to create a photo collage with your before and after photos!



XOXO – Happy Staging!

Audra Slinkey

Hope to hear from you!