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Your Staging Training Questions Answered…


I believe in the "law of attraction" and tell my students that the more they "put themselves out there" the more likely they will attract their ideal clients.  Not everyone will be your client because not everyone will connect with you. 

This absolutely holds true for my business, so I thought I should "practice what I preach" and I created a bunch of quick videos to answer the common staging training questions I get.

I also did quick video on "My Story", why I started the Home Staging Resource and my philosophy on this industry....yes it's a bit "raw" and off the cuff but it's me:)


I went on to create a video for almost everyone one of my staging training frequently asked questions, so check them out...

Remember, people like to "see" who is it they are working with in business, so doing video FAQ's is a great way to connect with clients!

How are you different from other staging training companies out there?

Do I have to have a design and decorating background?

Does the certification course really take 21 days?  Do I have access after that period?

I have a business partner...do we both have to pay full payment to take the course?

I am a veteran home stager.  What can HSR do for me?

About how many hours a day is the Certification Training?

Do you have any "hands-on training" options and how is it different?

What is the renewal fees after my year of membership is up?

If I pay in payment installments, do you limit my access?

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I believe  in the “law of attraction” and tell my students that the more they “put themselves out there” the more likely they will attract their ideal client.  Here are several videos I created to “put myself out there” while answering some of your burning staging faqs.

My Office Remodel – Before and After

My Office Remodel - 5 Design Lessons Learned

Have you ever known that you have to do something with a space but feel a bit stumped?

I shouldn't have shown you the "after photo" so soon because once you scroll and see the before photos, you will see why this room was the bane of my home's existence! I did NOT want this ugly room as my office but since my kids were sharing a bedroom and turning into teenagers...it was time to remodel. Keep in mind, these photos were taken with my camera and not a professional.

Here are five lessons I learned from my office remodel...

1. You Cannot Make a Dark Space Lighter with Paint!


This room inside of my house was a constant, nagging irritation to me because I had no idea what to do with it! First off, it's SUPER dark and gets very little natural light. In fact, there is just the one little window that emits no light and the doorway in which I am standing to take the photo is the only light source...soon to become a door. In the past, we attempted to paint the room my favorite brightening color from the Benjamin Moore Affinity Deck called Jicama but it looked drab in this space...thus lesson #1.

Office AFTER

To combat the darkness, I added lots of artificial lighting in all of it's forms, lots of bling from the mirrored desk, mirrored frames, table and gold lamp in order to brighten it up. The key to dark spaces is to embrace them with paint and rely on artificial lighting to do the rest. Embraced the darkness I did with Benjamin Moore's Historical Collection, Newburyport Blue HC-155 which is the ignored color next to the very popular Hale Navy. It's a warmer navy than Hale Navy without looking too blueberryish like Van Deusen Blue.

2. You Have to Splurge When You LOVE Something Sometimes:)


The window seat was begging for something and since you already know that I am a HUGE pillow lover, I felt it was time for me to splurge on some of my favorite Schumacher fabrics even though I have kids and animals that have NO respect for my furnishings...alas!

Splurging is hard for me since I am very practical but splurge I did on each one of these pillow (even though I got them wholesale), knowing they would probably have a lifespan of a year in my house.

3. You Have to be Practical When It Comes to Your Comfort

My office chair is the ugliest thing ever and I'm sure you noticed it right away my stager/designer readers! But here's the thing, I have to sit there for many hours everyday and do my job, so I have to be comfortable. Have you ever looked at rooms in magazines and asked yourself whether you would FEEL comfortable there? We are staging and designing for real people in real situations, so comfort and practicality does matter.

The little brown, leather chair is a comfortable, recliner that I do use quite often at night to watch the TV in this room...who can ever agree with their husband on TV viewing preferences?

4. You Have to Get Personal

I'm one of the few staging trainers who believes your "lived in" home should NOT look staged. I have family photos everywhere in my home, as well as kids artwork and awards on display. Even in my new office you can see that I have a wall of my boys artwork and a mirror-framed, wall of my latest family photos taken on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

5. Adding ANY Kind of Architectural Element Will Boost the Space

I was on a limited budget but wanted shelves for my MANY books and cabinets to hide my ugly, office "stuff". Here's another tip, make sure you are crystal clear on exactly how you want those cabinets built! I was armed with photos of both the mill work and cabinet I wanted, so this was easy and boy does it make a difference!

6. Animals LOVE Animal Skin Rugs Even If They Are Fake

Unconventional Thanksgiving

A Very Unconventional Thanksgiving

The holidays are about family, friends and tradition.  Every Thanksgiving my family gets in our old, trusty, RV and drives down to San Felipe, Mexico to camp on the beach with eight other close families under a huge “palapa”.   The kids spend the week away from anything “electronic” and play board games, beach volleyball, build forts, quad riding, canoeing, rocket launching and lots of card playing.  A “palapa” is a large thatched open-sided structure and this is a picture of ours with my son skateboarding underneath.


We cook all our meals together in the outdoor kitchen and take turns hosting and cooking dinners.  We start each day with a walk on the deserted beach collecting sand dollars and seashells.  Here is a photo of me and my 13 year old son.


2013-11audpix 033

While some of us walk, others choose to go riding on their quads and motorcycles as you can see in the distance of this deserted beach.


2013-11audpix 036

In the afternoon, we go clamming which is a favorite activity for the kids because of the reward of fresh clams in butter, garlic and wine.  Look at this girls wonderful smile while digging through the sand!



On Thanksgiving, each family is responsible for preparing one thing for the meal.  My specialty is desert and I do a crunchy apple crisp that the kids love to help me make!



My Thanksgiving isn’t about pretty tables, dishes or centerpieces…but that may be a part of the reason it’s so special to me!


Thanksgiving under the palapa

Thanksgiving under the palapa

In the evenings, we just sit and watch the beach turn many colors of pink.  Below is a photo of our view and the blue tarp is one of the forts the kids build during that week.


2013-11 057

At night, we crank up the music and dance like no one’s watching or sit around a campfire and tell stories.

Why do I share my Thanksgiving with you?  Because I know yours is filled with special traditions too.  Memories in the making and blessings to be counted.


Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with more things to be thankful for than you can count!

What special traditions do you have on Thanksgiving?  Is your Thanksgiving unconventional like mine?