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I believe in the "law of attraction" and tell my students that the more they "put themselves out there" the more likely they will attract their ideal clients.  Not everyone will be your client because not everyone will connect with you. 

This absolutely holds true for my business, so I thought I should "practice what I preach" and I created a bunch of quick videos to answer the common staging training questions I get.

I also did quick video on "My Story", why I started the Home Staging Resource and my philosophy on this industry....yes it's a bit "raw" and off the cuff but it's me:)


I went on to create a video for almost everyone one of my staging training frequently asked questions, so check them out...

Remember, people like to "see" who is it they are working with in business, so doing video FAQ's is a great way to connect with clients!

How are you different from other staging training companies out there?

Do I have to have a design and decorating background?

Does the certification course really take 21 days?  Do I have access after that period?

I have a business we both have to pay full payment to take the course?

I am a veteran home stager.  What can HSR do for me?

About how many hours a day is the Certification Training?

Do you have any "hands-on training" options and how is it different?

What is the renewal fees after my year of membership is up?

If I pay in payment installments, do you limit my access?

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I believe  in the “law of attraction” and tell my students that the more they “put themselves out there” the more likely they will attract their ideal client.  Here are several videos I created to “put myself out there” while answering some of your burning staging faqs.

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