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How to Stage and Design Remotely

Get instant access to the A-Z Guide now!

This 9-Page A-Z Guide with Video Presentations inside will walk you through the simple steps of automating and reaching clients remotely during this unique time.

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What the Guide Includes

1 Hour Masterclass Video

Watch my hour long video that shows you how to get business by working remotely inside the Guide.

Follow My  7 -Step Checklist

Quickly automate and add your online services to your business.  20-minute automation how-to video inside.

Email Swipe Files

Simple copy-and-paste email verbiage on how to sell your new services, implement and welcome new clients.

20-Minute Automation Video

I show you how to use Acuity Scheduler to set up your online appointment services and follow-up.

PLUS, I Give You My Curated Canva Templates Below...

Get direct access to my Canva Templates where you can easily edit and tailor the 20+ images we created for you.!  Make instant buttons for your website and service description imagery.

If you like the way Audra trains in these FREE workshops...then you will LOVE all of her courses>>

More Posts and Resources for Your Business...

This is a time for all of us to come together, help one another and get through this difficult time.  In the spirit of that...I wanted to provide a wide range of training and resources below.

Audra Slinkey

Join in the Fun! - Free Live Training Virtual Happy Hours Weekly

Join me every Wednesday, at 3pm pacific/6pm eastern for live Virtual Happy Hours where we discuss different staging and design topics, look at gorgeous before and after photos and drink vino:).

April 22nd Virtual Happy Hour - How to Roll-Out Your Business Safely When Lock-Down Ends

In our April 22nd Virtual Happy Hour, I talked about how to safely roll-out your staging and design business when this is over.  Best practices, tons of stories and great ideas in this virtual happy hour.

April 15 Virtual Happy Hour - A Recap of Past Workshops with Inspiring Stories to Share

In this training presentation, we blow up the chat room with shared stories of remote staging success!  Plus, I give you all the links to past trainings and recap (very quickly) how to go remote with your business right away...

April 8 Virtual Happy Hour - How to Market Your Remote Staging and Design Services Easily

In our April 8th, Virtual Happy Hour I gave a detailed presentation PLUS resource links and "copy and paste" scripts on exactly how you should market your new remote staging and design services.

April 1 Virtual Happy Hour - How Stagers are Pivoting Their Business Using My A-Z Guide

In this training presentation, I share success stories on how stagers and designers have gone remote using my "A-Z Guide to Going Remote" as well as give you my Canva Templates for creating Facebook Ads with cool imagery and how to set up your sales funnel.

Free Training - How to Make Money by Offering E-Design Services

This is by far people's FAVORITE training presentation because I outline every step you can make to easily make money offering

E-Design Services to clients. 

March 18 Virtual Happy Hour - How to Talk to Clients Currently -  Intro Email Examples

Get a copy and paste email that you can send to your clients to let them know you're thinking about them during this time, etc..

Audra's Staging and Business Advice During this Tough Time...

This was an email I immediately put out to my followers when the crisis hit.  As we continue to deal with the stress of quarantine, I have a simple formula I'm trying to follow to help me get through...

Free Training - How to Quit Your Day Job and Become a Home Stager and Designer...

8-Steps to Success in Becoming a Home Stager.  I gave this live webinar February, 2020 and people LOVED it!  If you're interested in learning about the staging industry, hearing stories of success and seeing AMAZING will love this replay video.

Free Training Replay - 2020 Staging, Design, Color and Business Trends, Tips and Starting Points for an AWESOME Year

Who doesn't love going over trends for design, color an staging?  In this free, webinar replay we look at TONS of photo ideas and vote on our favorites...

If you like the way Audra trains in these FREE workshops...then you will LOVE all of her courses>>

Get instant access to the A-Z Guide now!

This 9-Page A-Z Guide with Video Presentations inside will walk you through the simple steps of automating and reaching clients remotely during this time.

Audra Slinkey  //  Home Staging Resource (HSR)

These are crazy times for all of us.  Life looks different.  Business has changed...for some of us, quite dramatically.  

We can't change what is happening with the world, but we CAN change our response and maybe even come out better for it.

My live, virtual happy hour sessions are free and are filled with tons of resources and materials (including laughter) to get you through....

  • although you may be quarantined, you're not alone
  • although it feels painful, it will pass
  • although life feels uncertain, we can build better relationships in our suffering

We are in an incredible and beautiful industry...that will not change.

Audra Slinkey

Our Many Happy Customers:)


Where do I start? AMAZING! I had previously taken a 3 day training course and it didn't even come close to HSR. Yes, I walked away with a certificate and learned a few things but not even a fraction what I have learned here. The material is so informative and easy to apply in my staging business. I will continue to stay in the loop with HSR, its a must for a successful business. Thank you Thank you xoxo!!

Carolyn Baelardi

I have been in the home staging industry for almost 10 years and until recently I didn't think having formal training was necessary. Audra provided me with invaluable advice in terms of marketing strategies and alternative revenue streams! I cannot wait to implement what I've learned and grow my business! Thank You Home Staging Resource!

Jessice Lynn Smith - Spotlight Staging & Design

HSR's certification training exceeded my expectations, it is a very complete training and covers everything, the business part, marketing and the staging/redesign part. I feel way more confident now. Honestly, before I started the training I had no idea how to begin my business! Now I feel confident and have no doubts that I will be successful! Thanks Audra!

Flor Lydna - Transformations Home Staging

The Home Staging Resource Training has exceeded my expectations in home staging and redesign training. HSR provides so much information on each topic with extra links to additional resources. The videos are extremely helpful as they provide examples on what to say and do, how to merchandise a home, home staging critics and how to have a successful staging and redesign business. HSR gets you set up for business quickly as it provides the forms, templates and marketing resources you need to get started. HSR has great customer service and Audra promptly replied to any questions I had. I highly recommend HSR for your staging and redesign training.

Trina MacPhee - MacPhee Interiors

I've been staging properties for the last 3 years and have always wanted to go deeper in this business. Until now, I didn't feel I had enough training to turn my love of redesign into a real business. HSR has given me the training, the forms and the confidence to move forward. I can't wait to see what is ahead!

Susan Daddono

Audra's program is fully extensive, with a plethora of real-life examples to learn from. She doesn't hold back on any industry secrets and really shows examples of great staging and explains road blocks, and pitfalls to avoid. She really covers everything and makes it fun and easy to follow.

Jenine Porvin - Modern Desert Interiors

HSR's training and certification program was exactly what I needed to help me turn my design hobby into a business. Audra's wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable, and I am so glad I chose this program to jump start my home staging business.

Elizabeth Pollard - EP Home Staging

Audra has sincere passion and dedication to the staging industry as demonstrated through her training. I chose to embark on this journey with Audra as a trainer because I like her realist approach to business, her positive attitude, and attention to detail in her training materials. Education and learning is a necessity for me as I am curious by nature. Audra far exceeded my expectations as I learned more through her course then I could have anticipated. Thank you, Audra.

Amy Beers - House of Sheldon

I just completed the HSR training which is by far the best certification program out there!!! I researched a lot of the staging training companies, and you will not receive all of the knowledge that Audra shares in any other program. You get so much information and resources that it is mind blowing. I can't wait to get my business up and running!!

Cristy Smith - Elan Staging & Redesign

I am incredibly thankful for Audra and Home Staging Resource. I knew HSR was the right choice after watching the introduction video and learning about the program. HSR is not just a home staging training. When taking the course through HSR, you will learn smart home staging and redesign strategies and tips, you'll gain a wealth of knowledge on how to structure your business properly, and you'll learn how to implement marketing strategies that work for long term success. After taking the training and as I move into my new career as a home stager and redesigner, I feel excited, confident, and empowered in my ability to build and grow my business so I may share my passion and love for design with my clients.

Elizabeth Anne Shea - Gardenia Home Design

The HSR training has been phenomenal! The thorough and easy-to-follow videos, readings, and handouts have helped me feel very prepared to launch my staging and redesign business, even with very little prior staging/styling background. Well worth it!

Brooke Craig - Brooke Craig Interiors

I have truly enjoyed the HSR training. The program is easy to follow, and I loved that I could study when it was convenient for me. I will proudly stamp the HSR logo on my marketing materials! It has given my the confidence and reassurance that I need to start my dream career of home staging and redesign. Most staging programs out there are 2-3 days in length. This one is 21 days and that says a lot right there. It doesn't happen over night. There is way more to this career than information you receive in just two days. Thank you Audra!

Rachel Lynn Nalum

Wow! The certification is very in depth, way more than I was thinking. I will have to say "I really got my money's worth"!! You (Audra) cover every little thing. I'm very pleased with everything. My husband is also! He brags about me every chance he gets. We are really looking forward to starting up our own business together. I hope to be able to employ my two grown sons and my husband one day. I t may just be sooner than we think! That would be my dream come true! A BIG THANK YOU Audra! You are awesome!

Carol Church - Decorating Chick, LLC

Audra's HSR program is amazing! It's very detailed and is something I wish I had found years ago if I weren't to afraid to follow my passion. I took my time getting through the material but remembering my "why" pushed me past my fear. Now, as an HSR grad, I am confident I have the tools to be successful...I'm ready! Thanks Audra.

Kara Whisler - Midwest Mod Interiors

I really enjoyed the HSR training. I learned so much and gained confidence in my decision to follow my design passion. Audra and her video tutorials were entertaining, packed with information and kept me focused on each lesson. I cant wait to get started with my new business. The resources available thru HSR are invaluable and worth every penny!

Lucy C Maehl

Going through the HSR certification training has been a total game changer. I have gained so much knowledge, not just about staging but how to run your business. The staging part I had down pat. However, I know now that my business would have suffered on the marketing (web design, presentations, bold, etc) end had it not been for HSR.

Amy C. Scarborough - Happy Is The After

I can not say enough good things about this training. I know a lot of people say that and it's so very true. Can't even imagine how many hours Audra has put into this EXCELLENT training. Definitely worth the price! I would have NEVER had the confidence before to make my dream come true. Now I can honestly say I do and more than I ever thought I could. Thanks Audra for this AWESOME training and the confidence to be able to follow my dream.

Andrea McAtee - McAtee Staging & Redesign

I just completed my training! I must say, this training was very informative, very information packed, and very helpful. You would be hard pressed to find a comprehensive step by step guide to setting up your own business anywhere like this! Guys, this is your business wrapped in a bow! Can't get any simpler than that! Thank you Audra 1000 times over!

Jacqueline Tillery - JST Real Estate Interiors

I had previously purchased training through another company and was still struggling on how to fill in some holes that I did not have information on. Then I found HSR. It covered EVERYTHING that I needed to know and answered questions that I did not even know I had. Audra's training was extensive and thorough with no subject left untouched. Her passion for helping home stagers is obvious and the ongoing support available is amazing! Now I feel that I have everything I need to transform my business in to the dream I have had for so long!

Diane Mayo - Creative Interiors

The HSR training is amazing! Lots of valuable information has been covered. very organized in terms of the flow of the material. Moreover, having all the forms and instruction is a treasure to an organized business kick off ! Audra, I am thankful to you for all you have done over the past years to give Home Staging a national and global reputation and credit that it deserves.

Atusa Darani - Atusa & Company

I loved the fact that I didn't have to do this myself. I have had a fair amount of experience in using Word Press but I really didn't feel I had the time if I wanted to start making money soon. Having HSR do it took a lot of pressure off me!

I love the way it looks! It was wonderful that we had so many themes to choose from and with having the ability to customize it ourselves really let's us put our own stamp on things. I am very pleased with how well it looks/functions on a mobile as well.

Oh yes, lots of compliments on how professional it looks! Best decision I made so far was to have HSR create my website!

Cher Conklin - Chic Staging LLC

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