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Home Staging in Prague – Another Home Stager Success Story

I love this story because it shows that the principles of gorgeous home staging are universal! Pavlina Glacnerova of Prague Home Staging, has a wonderful talent of transforming rooms.  She also has an encouraging story to tell about how she got started, so read on and hear in her own words her story, while enjoying her photos…

I am a mother of two small kids (1 and 3 years) and I got very nervous about my future career last year. I realized that I don’t want to get back to my former profession – account manager. I yearned for a job without any time borders, without hundreds of pointless reports, without a boss which doesn’t listen but boasts of my success. I desired to be responsible for all my action and express myself.


One day I saw some realtor talking on a TV about real estate business in Czech Republic and suddenly he mentioned Home Staging. He said that it is something brand new in our area and it’s got a great potential to be very successful soon.  First I started searching on the internet for some details to find out what it takes to do it. I found a few awesome pages of Home Stagers in USA and Canada and realized I need some serious training.


I found HSR and immediately had no doubt that this is the right resource for my dream career. The was even more surprised when I had sent some questions and Audra’s emailed response arrived immediately. Because I am from Europe I’m a bit limited by a different time zone. But this fact turned out to be unimportant with HSR. I was also quite concerned about the time to finish the course but thanks to HSR I’ve been able to study by my own pace and successfully finish and achieve the certification in about six months.


I can’t even express how happy I am that I joined this training because HSR is not only about training but mainly a critical resource of information absolutely necessary for the right start. It is not only about home decorating, design and real estate business. It’s about a million other practical advises and instructions which you need if you want to start doing this business and be successful. It is about your presentation, how to naturally approach to a client or realtor, how to build a credible business and relationships…how to get respect.


I looks to me like Pavlina is doing everything right!  Her photos look spectacular and she’s branding herself beautifully on her website:  http://ukazkovydomov.cz/

Great job Pavlina!


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