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Hollywood Glam Home Staging – 5 Tips

I’m always in awe of the home stager and designer that has that uncanny ability to reach into the home and pull out a persona that resonates immediately with the buyer.  Kristin Biorn of Kristin Biorn Interiors in the Beverly Hills/Malibu area is so gifted at home staging and design, that she is one of the top home stagers in one of the most competitive locations in the world!  When you see her work below, you’ll know why she’s so successful at what she does…

Kristin Biorn, creates Hollywood glam!

1.  Add Personality

In this Brentwood home, she managed to “de-personalize” yet add personality with a Marilyn Monroe theme.  Her focal point helps to emphasize the fantastic, stone fireplace, as well as give unity to the eclectic furnishings.

I love this office and how Kristin de-personalized it...yet made it very personal!

2.  Use Rhythm and Be Memorable!

In the same home, she weaves the Marilyn Monroe, glam theme throughout the home and creates an office space to die for!  Notice the uniquely framed photos of Marilyn which replaced the family photos originally.  A functional, personal space that buyers can envision working in.  She also helps the buyer’s remember her homes by creating a theme and rhythm throughout the space.  Since buyers look at many homes online, she wants her homes to be the ones they click back to!

Hollywood Glam, gorgeously staged bedroom!

3.  Create Serenity and Luxury in the Bedroom

A master bedroom that is calm, cool and collected is highly desired by buyers!  Kristin works wonders in this bedroom by connecting the space with a cool pallette filled with silks, velvet and comfort!

When I complemented Kristin on the success of her work and business, she graciously replied:

Thanks…and remind them it all began with you!  You gave me the confidence to go out and become one of the top home stagers from Malibu to Beverly Hills. So Thank You!

It warms my heart to see people take their God given talent and use it successfully!  Here are a couple more staging tips I gathered from Kristin’s work:

I love the textures, symmetry and LIFE in this staged space!

 4.  Use Symmetry and Texture to Add Life to Spaces

Symmetry in a room creates a calming balance that buyers can connect with.  Her repeated use of various textures from the fluffy rug, to silk pillows and mirrored table create interest when the palette is very neutral.

Dining room home staged perfectly!  Looks straight our out of a magazine spread!

5.  Merchandise the Space Like a Magazine Spread

Kristin reads the integrity of the home perfectly by knowing when to play up the space or down depending on the vision.  This dining room looks straight out of magazine spread because she merchandised the table beautifully!  An experienced and trained home stager know when to set the table of leave it…there is no formula to staging.

How about a closer look:


Thanks Kristin for sharing your work!

Cheers to all the talented home stager’s out there!  Any more tips you would like to add to this post?

XOXO – Happy Staging!

Audra Slinkey

Hope to hear from you!



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