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The Hot Tips I Learned at RESACON


I had more fun at the last RESA Convention than any other time!  I also learned a thing or two and shared it in the quick Facebook Live video below...enjoy!


I kicked off the RESA Convention by treating all of my HSR and CCE Grads to a Happy Hour reception in a private party loft suite.  Boy those ladies can drink their wine:-)!

Here's a fun video of that event...​


Finally, I asked people to share some of their RESA Convention Lessons Learned and here they are:

Kelly Harbal

Have an accountability partner, focus on long term goals for your business and profit first

Learned inside tips on different e-design programs. Tips on how to use the platforms.

Theresa Ceglio

Know Thy Numbers! 2 ways to grow your profit is to grow your income or reduce your expenses, preferably do both!

Debbie Boggs - Are You Profitable

Jodi Copeland

I learned to become more visible, use 30-60 second videos on all platforms. And put my logo on a t-shirt and stage it in a master closet, place my logo on wine bottle labels, water bottles...

“Drive Awareness and Sales with Content Branding Videos” by Johnathan Miller and Shari Auldridge.

Susan Thompson

Lamps & lampshades are difficult to store & transport. Trying to match up the lampshades is even harder when the base is stored on a different shelf. One tip was to remove the shade, harp & finial from one lamp and only the shade from the matching lamp and store those two shades together, (hopefully they nest). Then when it comes time to find the matching lamps you will be able to locate the other lamp much easier.

Bringing the Mojo: Everyday Staging Hacks, Tricks and Tips

Cindy gasior

Guidance on how to increase my profit by analyzing my inventory investment, budgeting, setting aside a portion of my cash inflow for operating. I have a tendency to over reinvest my profits - these formulas will give me the structure I need for discipline and then larger profits. I also found very helpful the concept of adjusting my pricing according to my inventory supply and project demands. Of course - Vern Yip's reminders about design measurements and ratios in addition to his color trend forecast was wonderful

Profit first Ryan Marsh Vern Yip

Debbie Marchica

The financial responsibilities of having a business. I had attended a business class that was offered free of charge by the State of California": Equalization Board, a week before the convention. The presentation at RESA by David of Synergy Staging on the business portion was even better.

The Business of Staging

Karen Gray Plaisted

Carry a box of Crayola crayons in your tool bag to touch up nicks and scratches on frames etc. If you have old books that you have read but can use in your stagings spray paint them white with chalk paint, two coats will do! A video of 30 seconds to a minute of what you do will help drive traffic to you. Have a GoPro with you. If you spend money on video production use on various platforms. Edit and reuse make the most of the money you spent

From Bring on the Mojo presented by Carol Clark From Driving Awareness and Sales by Jonathan Miller and Shari Auldridge

Audra Slinkey is a great place to post your job listing for free to attract and hire good assistants. It also pre-screens them by making them answer a series of canned questions.

Veteran 6+ Year Home Stager Interactive Group Session - Comment by Michelle Minch

For those of you who missed the RESA Convention and want to see a quick video of some of the hot tips I learned…here’s a Facebook Live video I created about that event.

Why Go to RESA Convention?

In less than 6 months the industries hottest event will be here...RESA Convention!  I get the question a lot as it draws near, "Audra, why should I go to RESA Convention?"  There are a ton of reasons why this event is different than anything else out there but on a very personal level...RESACon changes businesses!

Here's a quick video on what to expect and why RESA Convention is so important to your business...


RESA Convention Will Inspire You

You can't help but feel motivated and inspired by the line up of speakers!  You will meet people who have overcome incredible odds to create successful businesses.  You will meet people exactly in the position you are in as accountability partners for growth.  EVERYONE WALKS AWAY INSPIRED!


RESA Convention Will Boost Your Sales

You have many workshops to choose from and many of them are about building your business and marketing so those who attend invariably do better the next year. 

Expect your productivity to sky rocket from the combination of inspiration, connection and knowledge at RESA Convention! #RESACON Inpired

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RESA Convention Will Connect You to Valuable Industry Partners

The RESA Convention is tied to the Las Vegas Market, so many of their sponsors are vendors you will want for your business!


You Will Make Amazing Friendships

Home stagers are the best people to meet and work with!  We are not each other's competition but we are advocates in a growing industry where working together we can quadruple the business for everyone!

Every year I take a group photo with everyone who has taken one of my courses at RESACon...

Look at this good looking group of HSR Grads & Staging Mentors!


Vegas Baby!

The hotel is spectacular and you can pamper yourself at the pool or spa.  The rooms are luxurious and if you've never been to don't know what you're missing!  Vegas is fun!

Bonus Reason

Preparty and Drinks on Me!

We filled the bar with over 50 HSR peeps, so I had to take a selfie:)

Right before the RESA Convention, I have a "drinks on me" networking event for all those folks who have taken my staging or color training courses!

Yes, unlimited drinks on me for all my members, so COME THIRSTY MY FRIENDS:-)

If you are a professional home stager, then you will NOT want to miss this event!  Here’s an impromptu (yes my hair looks terrible) video I created on why you should go to RESA Convention…

Real Estate Staging Convention 2017

I'm super excited to be a featured speaker at this year's Real Estate Staging Convention.  

Staging is hot, hot, hot right now and this convention which puts together all these amazing stagers in one place...promises to be unforgettable!  I will be blogging more about this event as it gets closer but you can get the BEST PRICE by signing up now:

This year I'm speaking on a topic very near to my heart and that is on COLOR....

"6-Steps to Picking the Best Color Schemes for Clients"

Do you love color? Do you offer color consultations but struggle with knowing where to start when it comes to specifying the RIGHT paint colors for your clients? You are not alone. Having a process for picking the right paint colors is the first step in building credibility with clients!

In this information packed class, you will learn how to:

  • How adding a "Color Consultation" service will grow your design business exponentially!
  • Audra's top paint colors for staging in action
  • Color trends to follow, ones to avoid and how to incorporate them into your designs
  • 7 mistakes Color Consultants make and how to avoid them
  • How to hone in and identify your client's goals
  • How to recognize color problems by understanding color rules
  • How to communicate and market your color services easily and affordably

I hope to see you at the January, 2017 RESA Convention but if you can't make it, make sure to join me on our next free webinar event:

I’m so excited to be a featured speaker at this year’s RESA Convention alongside other fantastic speakers like the incredibly talented Sabrina Soto!  Staging is so hot right now, so I hope you will do your best to make this incredible event.

3 Ugly Truths About Home Staging

3 Ugly Truths About Home Staging


I wrote an article recently in the National Association of Realtors, Styled, Staged and Sold blog that got a lot of interesting and conflicting comments from agents and stagers.  In the article, that you can read here,…I talked about the importance of being of honest with sellers in the 2015 real estate market and to tell the ugly truths about staging and selling.

The comments came fast and furious.  One of the commenters didn’t like the “angle of the before photos” because it wasn’t EXACT, so she did not think she would use a stager…huh?!!  This kind of nonsensical thinking is still out there when it comes to understanding what staging does and does not do for a home.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Home staging is not rocket science, it’s pure economics…when you use an expert to improve the look of a product, the demand thus price goes up.

The article was a follow-up on my 3 Ways to Start a Bidding War Through Staging article that has been shared a TON by stagers and agents, so thanks so much!  I’m reminded that I need to educate sellers and agents like never before about home staging!   Together, we can do so much!


This season’s real estate market promises to be an exciting one, so buckle your seat belt folks…


5 Critical Reasons to Attend the RESA Convention this Year

RESAconferencebtnEvery year I go to the RESA Convention and every year I get ten times more done in my business the months following that inspirational event because it is so motivating!  I really can’t say enough about this event, so I thought I’d bullet point some key reasons to attend (and use to convince your spouse the importance of you going!)


  1. Barbara Corcoran – Need I say more?  It’s incredible to me that RESA was able to get her to speak and I can’t wait to see what kind of wisdom this amazing woman has to share!
  2. Training Times Ten – Yep, you will learn so much at this event on so many different topics!  The experts are hand picked and are the best of the best!
  3. It Will Fire-Up Your Business – I promise you will walk away feeling invincible and capable of tackling the toughest projects, clients and marketing activities!
  4. You Will Make LOTS of Friends – Staging and design can be a lonely business, so coming to this event allows you to connect with peers, network and make friends that will also hold you accountable and encourage you all year round.
  5. Early Bird Pricing Currently, Las Vegas is a Cool Place to Visit and the Great Food – Okay, I listed three more fantastic reasons that not everyone is aware of…in fact, I think I gain five pounds from the amazing food that is served at the RESA Convention every year.

This event will sell out soon, so click here to sign-up today!


For past and present HSR Grads, I have a special video invite just for you…