home staging success story - artist turns stager

Artist Becomes Home Stager – 3 Keys to Her Success

One of the things I talk about a lot in the training is the importance of branding yourself, knowing what you’re about and putting that personality into your website!  As you can see from Jenna’s website photo, she loves what she does, she loves her pup and she’s smiling about her business!  Just looking at her photos makes me smile too! 



When I sat down and chatted with Jenna about her business and it’s immediate success, she had a lot to say, as well as a lot of helpful tips to share with other stagers…

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today. I can’t tell you how much HSR has truly helped me achieve my dream in owning my own home staging and design business!  I started my business in the beginning of March 2012 in the Northern Virginia area. With the help of HSR, my business has been booming since a month after I started!!

Spaces to Inspire, before and after room

Spaces to Inspire, before and after room

1.  Networking is Essential

Through BNI (Business Networkers International), I have joined a chapter and am a part of a networking team of partners that I work with regularly. Through BNI and local business chamber events, I have met and partnered with many key people, which has helped my business soar exponentially. They key is to be able to meet people and sit down with them to discuss your business and what you stand for. By gaining these relationships, professionals WANT to refer you to people, instead of taking a shot in the dark with someone they don’t know much about. Once I joined BNI and started attending networking on a regular basis, I have gotten to a point where I am having trouble keeping up with all of the work that is coming in!


Custom Painting by Jenna

2.  Expand Your Services

Another thing I think helped me in getting started, was offering a broader range of services. Since I have done custom paintings and faux finishing for years prior, I included that in my services. I also grew up very savvy with furniture finishing, and included that as well. By adding these values to my repertoire of home staging, design, and shopping services, I was able to give people additional reasons to “try me out”.

Jenna Galich of Spaces to Inspire - album

3.  Focus on What You Love To Do!

Now that I am so busy, I am able to refine the serves that I provide, and focus strictly on the ones that bring me the most profitability… and the ones I enjoy the most. 🙂
All in all, the beginning can be tough- but network, network, network! A familiarity with your face at these events will start to land you some great opportunities!


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