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How E-Design Can Get You Sales


There's A LOT of confusion when it comes to E-Design and the simplest way to explain it...is to say that 

E-Design is simply technology helping you get your vision across to clients that much easier, better and more beautifully!  

How does E-Design do that?  Well, the best technology allows you to clip and save whatever you're searching online for in a "project" with a direct link and product price/information, so that while you're shopping or sourcing for clients it's being recorded into that  client's project folder...

Example Outdoor Space with inspiration room and all the products

In the past, designers would try to explain the vision they had to clients verbally or even tediously create a hard copy "mood board" but now technology gives us the tools to simplify, pass the vision along easily and even give clients the direct links to shop for themselves if they wish.

Here Are 3 Not So Obvious Ways E-Design Can Grow Your Sales...


E-Design Boards Allow You to Communicate Your Vision MUCH Better than Your Competition

Lia Rogers or Reinvention Intentions was trying to break-in to an investors group to be the preferred stager/designer with little luck UNTIL she used an E-Design board to visually SHOW them the work and materials she would plan on placing into their homes...that got her business!


E-Design Boards Help to Upsell Your Design Services Easily

Shannon Christianson of Staging PDX told me at the last RESA Convention that not only does she use E-Design boards to show her staging clients the planning that can be done BEFORE they move into their new house, she also uses the boards to quickly give her staging clients a shopping list for the staging project.

Become an Expert E-Designer!

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E-Design Boards Set Expectations, Value and Budget

Have you ever had a client not super happy with what you bought for their home?  Of course you have but using E-Design technology allows you to streamline the shopping expectation, so that clients can see it ahead of time and let you know.  This saves you time, sets the expectation up front and allows clients to stick to their budget!

There's so much more you can do with E-Design technology, so if you want all the answers to how to incorporate E-Design into your staging or design business, click to join me on a workshop about it below...

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