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How Stagers Collaborate Successfully

The key to success as an Entrepreneur is to know where to get the ANSWERS when you need them for your business...
This is why I'm so excited to launch a brand new ​home stager group called "Stagers Connect"!

We've always had a private social network called Stagers Connect but I've created a private Facebook Group and there is so much interaction...it's incredible!  

I always say that home stagers are really the BEST people in the world!  They are fun, kind, have a hunger for learning, inspirational and have ALL followed a dream and made it happen. 

Here's a quick video to show you what's inside Stagers Connect...


This private Facebook Group is for ALL HSR grads and members past and present.  If you've gone through my training, then email support@homestagingresource.com and they will give you the secret code word to get inside this incredible, learning resource!:-)​

On another note, I will be sharing some of the more inspirational posts and photos in future blog posts, so stay tuned...​

FREE VIDEO!  Could a Career in Home Staging Be For You?


  • What background should you have?
  • How much money do home stagers make & what to charge
  • What are the typical start-up costs and first steps?

I just created a private Facebook Group called Stagers Connect and there is a TON of activity going on in there…have a look!

Videos for Stagers

Do you ever run out of ideas for posting on social media for your business?  Do you feel like no one even sees what you carefully post?  You're not alone!

This is why at the Home Staging Resource, we've added a large section in our training called the "Social Media Library" which supplies videos for stagers.  In this new training section, our HSR Certified Members will get to download over 35+ videos to use for their own social media funnels, plans and posts!  How cool is that?   One of my New Year's Resolutions was to provide even more, relevant resources to my peeps, so I'm happy to get a jump on it early:).

Video is one of 2018's hottest business trends and Facebook , so now is the time to add video to your business!

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Video is one of 2018's hottest business trends and Facebook is more likely to display video posts than anything else, so now is the time to add video to your business!

Watch This Video to See the Videos We Provide Our Members:


2018 promises to be a GREAT Year for stagers, so if you're looking at training companies to join...ask yourself this:  Does your training offer this kind of resource? 

Cheers to 2018!

HSR now provides videos for stagers to enhance their 2018 social media presence.  See what’s in the Members Training Area.

7 Reasons to Add Holiday Design to Grow Your Business

Are you ready for the holidays?  Do you love to decorate for Christmas?

I know many of you LOVE holiday design, so I've put together "7 Reasons You Should Add Holiday Design to Your Business"...


Holiday Design Fulfills a Need...

Let's face it...the holidays can be EXHAUSTING for most of us!  Between the gift shopping, parties, wrapping and vacation planning it's hard to carve out time to sift through our massive amounts of holiday decorations. Most people would love a service that works with them to dial in their holiday home while saving them time.

We are in the era of "outsourcing" and now more than ever people are paying others to do the work they don't have the time for.

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Holiday Design Attracts a High-End Clientele

The very nature of holiday design is to save clients time by doing the design for them, so typically the folks who don't have that kind of time but do have the money are in a higher-end, income bracket.

What do this mean for the designer?  It means you've just created a wonderful referral source for multiple design projects!


Holiday Design Attracts a "Regular" Clientele

The great thing about a offering a holiday design service is that those client's whom you did an excellent job for the previous year, will invariably have you come back every year!  That's right...you only need to cultivate a handful of client's to have regular, steady business every year.  In fact, a stager friend of mine says that she earns almost 15% of her business yearly on only a few, holiday design client's that LOVE her.

Expand Your Business to Holiday Design


Holiday Design "Hedges" Your Staging Season

Sometimes I hear stager's complain that their staging business really dips during the holidays, so having a steady, holiday design clientele that keeps you busy, year after year, makes perfect sense!


You Save Client's Money by Re-Purposing

Home Stagers and Designers have the uncanny ability to "see" interiors in creative ways and part of that skill-set goes toward Re-purposing items to their best showing. Why pack all of your current decor away before decorating for the holidays when you can easily to the gorgeous decor you already have and "holiday, bling it up!"


Holiday Design Services are EASY to Market

Not only is this kind of service highly referral based...it's easy to market using Facebook Ads, post cards and online directory key words...


Simply add the term "Holiday Design Services" to your Yelp listing and you're already ahead of the game!  Look how few providers come up in the entire San Diego area...


Holiday Design is EASY to Offer...

I've put together an hour long video training that walks you through the process, pricing and marketing of offering a Holiday Design service to your clients...

Expand Your Business to Holiday Design

5 Reasons Why Interior Designers Should become Home Stagers

I love this video testimonial from Michelle Minch of Moving Mountain Designs who is also a RESA Stager of the Year and is killing it in the Los Angeles Area as a home stager! Michelle started out as an Interior Designer and took the HSR home staging certification training thinking she would add staging to her business...boy did she get more than she bargained for!

Here's 5 HUGE Reasons Why Every Interior Designer Should Be a Home Stager...


Easy "Target Market" to Find and Market to...

Who is an Interior Designer's business target market?  New home owners and people considering a remodel or design project.  Are these people easy to find?  Not really. 

The Home Stager on the other hand has a target market of Real Estate Agents who are very easy to find online (and off) and very easy to target.


A Target Market that Continually Feeds You New Business

Did I mention that having a handful of Real Estate Agents who use you on every listing they get means you are continually getting new business without having to lift a finger?

That's right, the HUGE business model benefit to working with agents is that this target market will actually do the marketing for you since they will need you multiple times.  The interior designer's target markets do not continually feed them new business.


"First Crack" at the Designers Best Target Market

Every GREAT staging job should turn into a new move-in design job when positioned correctly!  The home stager has the best opportunity at connecting with the home seller who very soon will be a new home owner and want help remodeling their new space.

This is one of the biggest reasons the HSR Certification Training program goes over BOTH the staging and design business models.  This HUGE advantage is what makes us different from other training companies because we understand that beautiful staging leads to new design business and we want you to be able to handle all of it!


An "Economy Proof" Business

Remember when no one was spending on "luxury items and services" during the down turn?  Guess what?  They were still spending on home staging because if they didn't professionally stage their home, it simply would not sell.

As the longest running, online staging and design training provider who has been through every economy I can safely tell you that staging is an "economy proof" business when positioned correctly.


Less "Measuring" & More Fun!

Many of my HSR members have left the interior design industry and jumped in the home staging industry because they said it was just A LOT more fun! Design typically is a higher risk, higher capital, bigger stress profession that has a longer sales cycle whereas staging is an "in and out" profession where clients see huge results right away.

My X-Designer members tell me they like creatively working with what their client's have to make rooms beautiful rather than the tedium of completely redoing a client's space or measuring the exact cabinet size to fit a kitchen, etc....

There are many more benefits of adding staging to the Interior Design business model but those are just a few "biggies".

FREE Video on What it Takes to Be a Stager...

Could Home Staging" be a Career for You?

Don’t miss this..!!

  • 7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself
  • What the Cost is to Starting this Business
  • Do You Have the Personality for This Industry?
  • How You Know If You Have the Design Talent?

Every Interior Designer should consider adding home staging to their list of services and here are 5 GREAT reasons why designers should become home stagers…

Staging Certification Video

I have spent the last four months going through every inch of our 21-Day Home Staging Certification Training and migrating it to a cutting edge, online training system.  Every form, guide, page, link and resource or our staging certification program has been updated to reflect our changing staging, design and real estate industries.  I'm so proud of this new training area which members are RAVING about.

If you are shopping for staging and design training, then watch this video and compare it to anything else you've seen...I promise you will LOVE it!



This quick training calendar gives you an example of the resources available to you on each day of the training...you are covered and will be referring back to it often!

Last Week's Raves...

I love the training. I think it is exciting! I can't wait to get up in the morning and start my lessons.  All this material we are covering is invaluable.  When one thinks about all the money one can end up making in this business...this course is really inexpensive. Plus you get to have fun while making a good living.

Anna Marie Stone
Staging Pays Off

I started the training before you updated the member's area, and I have to say that I like the new layout very much. The way you've rearranged the lessons is making it easier for me to follow, and I like being able to keep track of what I've finished on the sidebar. All of the information in the training has helped me feel more confident, and as though I can actually make this happen!

Emily Funk
Emily Funk Design

The HSR training is excellent! I've learned so much already and am eager to learn more. All the questions I had before are being answered ten fold, I love this course so far!

Misha Taylor
Upstaged Home and Interiors

We have completely moved our staging certification training onto a brand new, online, cutting edge training system and it’s amazing! Check out our “Sneak Peek” Video that shows you what’s inside the training area…