Webinar for Designers - HSR Home Staging Certification Training
I'm super excited to be co-hosting a free, live webinar with last year's featured RESA Convention speaker, Fred Berns!

The webinar is titled, "10 Terrific Reasons Designers Should Stage and Stagers Should Design."  Fred and I are going to explore the idea of expanding your business into other avenues for maximizing income.


Live Webinar, Wednesday, November 8 at 2pm (pacific time) and 5pm (eastern time)


This will be my last webinar for 2017, so save your seat to at least get the replay!

A tiny tweak can result in a tremendous turnaround in your business. It can double your dollars and take your career to the next level – and beyond.

Interior Designers who add real estate staging services – and stagers who add interior design services – can achieve greater financial success than they ever dreamed possible.

Grab your FREE, live webinar seat for the last webinar of 2017!  The chat room explodes as hundreds of your fellow stagers and designers join in for a presentation on the “10 Terrific Reasons Designers Should Stage and Stagers Should Design!”  Hope to see you there….

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