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Staging Ideas


Audra's Favorite Staging Accessories

I've started curating some of my favorite, staging ideas for universal staging accessories that seem to go with everything!  These tools and accessories follow my rules for buying which are:

  • Must be lightweight!
  • Must be somewhat neutral
  • Ideally have some bling or texture to it
  • Looks much more expensive than it really is!
  • Trending now
  • Memorable (makes a statement)
  • Looks great with any kind of large furnishing
  • Multi-purposeful and can be used almost anywhere in the home

This is a growing list of staging ideas for what kinds of accessories to shop for that will work with almost every staging job.  If you have any other great accessories you recommend, include it in the comments below with a link, so I can add it to this growing list…thanks!

Make 2019 Your Year – Free Staging Webinar

Goal Setting & Planning to Get the Most Out of Your 2019!

Free, live webinar on creating a doable "Stager’s Calendar" that will help you plan and set goals for an amazing 2019!

Please join me and together we will brainstorm your perfect 2019!​

Wednesday, January 9 at 4:00pm (Pacific Time/7pm Easern Time)

What You'll Learn on the Live Webinar:

  1. Looking Back in Order to Move Forward - Reflection Lessons
  2. How to DREAM BIG but be Realistic
  3. 4 Key Questions to Ask Yourself During the Goal Setting Phase
  4. Systems Rather Than Goals and Steps to Take Your There in 2019
  5. 6 Tangible Goals for Stagers of All Levels and the Steps to Achievement
  6. BONUS!  An example "Stagers Calendar for Marketing" the Whole Year Round

Make 2019 your year and join me for a FREE staging training webinar on Wednesday, January 9 entitled, “Goal Setting & Planning to Get the Most Out of Your 2019″ – Free, live webinar on creating a doable “Stager’s Calendar” that will help you plan and set goals for an amazing 2019!

Hope to see you there!

5 Steps to Successful Blogging for Home Stagers and Designers

I just finished updating my “Blogging” section and creating a webinar about successful blogging for home stagers and designers in 2015.  The Internet is always changing and so I’m constantly updating my training material to reflect what matters to stager TODAY.

Blogging for business is not about writing down your musings so much as giving prospects an insight to the way you work and your style, so having a plan for how to do this is essential!

If you’re a home stager, you may be saying, “why blog?”  That’s a good question.  Here are six great reasons why blogging is essential for home stagers:

  1. For skilled writers who are capitalizing on their strength
  2. To create credibility – which in our industry is critical
  3. To create a “Buzz” about your business and staging in general
  4. Better SEO for your website – Who doesn’t want that?
  5. Build your email list – Fill your pipeline with prospects
  6. “Touch” your prospects/clients – Most of sales is just reminding people that you are there

I see so many stagers create interesting blogs to only have them go out into the Internet-sphere never to be read by anyone!  It’s a complete waste of time to blog and not be incredibly “intentional” about it, so…

Here are my 5 Steps to Blogging Success for Home Stagers and Designers:

1.  WHO Exactly is Your Audience?

As a professional home stager and designer, you have many different target markets you could potentially be writing to.  Too many times I see stagers writing for other stagers which really doesn’t help them at all.  In the blogging training I added the members area, we listed those target markets, where they hang out online, what they wanted to see/learn about and more importantly…what they would share.  When you know WHO you are targeting you can move onto the next key step and that is…

2.  WHAT Are Your KEY WORDS?

One of the beautiful things about the home staging vs the design industry is it’s lack of keywords.  Yes, it’s a good thing when there are few terms that describe what you do because that makes listing those terms that much easier.

For the home staging industry, the key words that 85% of folks would use to search are “home staging” and “home stager” but getting to the top of Google with those keywords can be tricky, so thinking outside of the box is imperative.  List your “service” key words and how someone in your area might phrase those services and your type of work in a search.  Next list your specific location keywords and you have a starting point for what to blog about.

A very cool tool that helps you brainstorm these key word terms is at  Remember, my philosophy is to help stagers never reinvent the wheel and when you know how to use the cool tools online that help your business…you save tons of time!

3.  HOW Can You Get Their Attention?

Nobody wants to read straight text.  In an era of very short attention spans, it’s critical to be visual and readable!  Here are things to think about when trying to get your reader’s attention:

  • Headlines Matter – There are cool resources online that can help you craft a killer headline and I list some in the training
  • Images Matter – We are in the visual industry and a picture is worth 1000 words, so make this work for you!  I list a ton of great resources and rules for images in the training but you all know I’m a huge fan of Canva which puts the visual in motion.  Canva is developing a Canva at Work program I’m excited to see, so go to Canva for Work so you get early access.
  • Readability Matters – People like numbered lists and bullet points, so it’s easier to skim the page.
  • Grammar Matters – Another cool tool that can help with your grammar is at

4.  WHEN Should You Post?

It’s not so much about what time of day (although I’d stick to midday) but how often?  It takes time to blog, so shooting for once a week on Wednesdays is a good goal to start.  Plan ahead and develop a calendar based on the ideas you brainstormed in steps 1-3.

There’s nothing worse than going to a website and seeing that the last blog was posted in 2012!  An easy way to not give the impression you’re out of business is to simply leave the date off your posts.

5.  WHERE Can You Distribute Your Post?

You see, the key to successful blogging is the ability to not only write well but more importantly, distribute the blog to the specific audience you are targeting.  There are so many great ways of doing that!  In the blogging training I put in the HSR members area, I created a worksheet that listed the places I repost/share my blog once it’s up.  Obviously, you will want to share your post on your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter profiles.  Beyond that you will want to share it on your LinkedIn and Google+ profiles, as well as with your Groups, Circles, etc…Having a worksheet that helps you keep track of when you shared the post to each profile is critical!

In the HSR Training, I have an exhaustive list of all the editorials across the country by city in my “Public Relations Section”.  A great way to get publicity is to share your articles/posts with your local newspaper/magazine editors who are always looking for content and photos!

In Closing…

When you think about it, this 5 step formula for blogging success can really work for almost any industry, so if you’re a real estate agent, you may want to follow this formula as well!

The home staging industry is growing leaps and bounds and it helps all of us when stagers look great, get press and are connecting very credibly with real estate agents, sellers and home owners!

XOXO – Happy Staging!

Audra Slinkey

Hope to hear from you!

Why “To The Trade” Pricing Matters

Why “To The Trade” Pricing Matters for Home Stagers

As I was adding another 12 “to the trade” vendors to the HSR Member Black Book, I thought it would be good to do a post on why trade pricing even matters for home stagers and their clients.  First off, “to the trade” pricing is discounted pricing given by vendors of all kinds to those people who will do volume shopping due to their professions ie. Professional Home Stagers and Interior Designers.  You have to prove that you are a professional home stager or designer by filling out an application and showing them some sort of proof of business ie. resell license, HSR certificate, professional memberships.

If you are a home stager and redesigner you should have access to several different vendors at “trade pricing” so you can shop on behalf of your client’s and either share your discount…or not.  The discounts can range from about 15-50% depending upon the vendor.

At the Home Staging Resource, we provide a detailed list of all the vendors you would want to connect with for trade pricing along with the contact names and direct links to the sign-up pages.  We have over 100 nationwide vendors we recommend who are familiar with our certification program and consider it your “ticket” to getting “to the trade” pricing.


As a trainer, I spend many hours sourcing these vendors and creating these relationships, so that my stagers don’t have to…it’s part of not having to reinvent the wheel when you go through our training.  The vendors are specific to the home staging industry.


I just added over 3 hours of video training on staging model homes, so within my research I found those 12 new vendors for that higher level of home.  Vendors like FrontGate, Shades of Light, Horchow, Arhaus, Surya, Home Decorators Collection, LS Fabrics and more were added to the already 100+ list I have curated.  If you’re a home stager who has not joined our program, you can absolutely contact those places directly for your discount but…


I’m able to get great pricing and connect with these vendors because of my network of over 3000 home stagers, so it’s a win-win for everyone!  Being over 3000 strong helps vendors take notice and build credibility within the industry.


Here’s a few tips for those of you connecting on your own with these vendors:

1. Make a List of the Types of Vendors You Think You Will Need

Not only will you want discounts at places that you will be shopping at regularly but what about service vendors and finish companies like carpet cleaners, flooring and lighting companies, moving companies and storage, greenery and fake food for merchandising…there are lots of vendors that stagers use regularly.

2. Think About Those Vendors That Can Make Your Job Easier

For instance, I just found out about an amazing vendor that you can hire hourly to help on a staging day, during a vacant staging or just to help a client move called “GetBellHops“.  GetBellHops uses only local college students, does a complete background check and is licensed and insured, so the stager doesn’t have to worry about liability and can trust they have a capable person they are working with.  I contacted them on behalf of the HSR network and now HSR members get a direct page to order the bellhops (at the click of a button) and a great discount!

3. Always ASK, Assume Volume and Negotiate Well

I always tell my members to assume that you will be successful and will be shopping like crazy for clients when you negotiate your trade discount.  Ask the vendor what their best discount is and how you can connect with them…always assume there is one.  I tell my members that since they have direct access to the HSR network, they can approach vendors as a network of 3000 not as a single company.  I’m always happy to personally email the vendor myself on behalf of the member if it’s a nationwide vendor that everyone can use.

4. Don’t Give Your Discount Away!

You earned the relationship with that vendor and many times had to go through hoops to get it, so don’t give your discount away!  It’s not unreasonable to split the discount with your clients as a benefit to them using you…but that discount is there because of YOU, so don’t devalue it.  One of the many benefits of working with a home stager is that we are able to source furnishings and service providers better and less expensively for our clients.


XOXO – Happy Staging!

Audra Slinkey




Hope to hear from you!

PS – Does your training provider always give you the latest, critical information as part of your membership?  Click on the image below, to see Why Certification Matters

Why Staging Certification Matters

Free Staging Training Webinar

free staging training

I’m super excited to host a free staging training webinar on the "Top 8 Things You Need to Know If You Are a New Stager"!

Free Staging Training Webinar on Tuesday, April 12 at 4:00pm (Pacific Time)

After well over 10 years of staging training, speaking at RESA Conferences and chatting with veteran stagers daily I’ve narrowed down some essential, soul searching elements that make up various niches in the industry, the best staging accessories to buy for ROI, best practices for marketing in 2016 and lots more great tips for new stagers!

What You'll Learn on the Live Webinar:

  1. How to Easily Focus and Find Your Niche in the Staging Industry - 4 Key Factors to Consider
  2. Top 10 Accessory Items to Shop for Right Away
  3. Step-by-step strategies you can implement in your business for immediate results - backed up by years of experience!
  4. BONUS!  A Special, FREE Video  Training Invite On How to Stage in 2016 and Beyond with Lots of Photo Examples!

Space is limited for this free staging training, so signup right's FREE!

Join me for this free staging training webinar on Tuesday, April 12 entitled, “Top 8 Things Every New Stagers Needs to Know!”  Hope to see you there!

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