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Paint Cheat Sheet

Did you know that by using certain paint colors in specific rooms of the home you can statistically increase it's value by almost $10,000 alone?! We have a "Paint Color Cheat Sheet" that shows you exactly how much...

I know this seems incredible but according to Zillow's Paint Color Analysis which looked at more than 32,000 photos from sold homes around the's true.  "Homes with blue bathrooms alone typically sold for $5,440 more than expected" in this study!  We created a "Paint Color Cheat Sheet" according to this study, so your clients know which specific Benjamin Moore colors in each room of the home will garnish them them the most....

Paint color has a tremendous influence on the way a buyer views a home according to the Zillow study which calculated the increase in potential value per room depending on which "buyer preferred" paint color was used. 

"Color can be a powerful tool for attracting buyers to a home, especially in listing photos and videos," says Svenja Gudell, Zillow chief economist.  "Painting walls in fresh, natural looking colors, particularly in shades of blue and pale gray not only make a home feel larger, but also are neutral enough to help future buyers envision themselves living in the space.  Incorporating light blue in kitchens and bathrooms may pay off especially well as the color complements white counter-tops and cabinets, a growing trend in both rooms."

Personally, I think they are miscalculating in the sense that homes that usually have these gray and blue colors usually have white cabinets and marble counter tops which are REALLY HOT right now.  I never get tired of seeing photos like the one above which was done by HSR Grad Leia Ward of LTW Design a Greenwich, CT home stager.

Color evokes such a visceral response that I created a Certified Color Expert program, so people can navigate choosing color schemes for clients in the right way.  Color is not just about paint but about all the colors in the space, so it's important to work with what we cannot change in the space to find the perfect, complimentary color.

Did you know that by using certain paint colors in specific rooms of the home you can statistically increase it’s value by almost $10,000 alone?! We have a “Paint Color Cheat Sheet” that shows you exactly how much…

Home Staging Business Marketing

home staging business

Do You Want to Know Something Crazy?

Most home stagers have no idea how easy it is to market their new business and waste a TON of time on outdated marketing practices that don't get their phone to ring.   I hate to see anyone get frustrated with this industry because it is such a fantastic business model and staging is SUPER HOT right now!  There is a lot to know for a home staging business to get started, so I'm revealing my number one secret for stagers to get noticed right away.

Do You Want to Know My BIGGEST Marketing Secret?  I Can't Believe I'm Sharing This But...

I just put together a 30-minute video on how to get your phone to ring and stay busy as a home staging business that I think you are going to LOVE! If you are super busy and don't need any more business, then this video is not for you...BUT if you want your phone to continue to ring with new business...then this FREE video will do that for you!

The Secret to Getting Your Phone to Ring Right Away!

FREE Video that shows you how to get your phone to ring right away for your home staging business.  Not only do I show you how to use technology to get leads and clients, I also show you a REAL-LIFE example of how I did it!


This FREE video will forever change the way you market  your home staging business!

This 30-minute video on how to get your phone to ring right away for a home staging business will change the way you do marketing!  It’s not easy being a home staging business but this quick video shows you how to market your home staging business right away!  Stop struggling with your marketing and start following these easy steps for home staging business marketing.

Staging Training Company Checklist

I've gotten four emails in the past few days from dismayed people who invested in a Staging Training Company and what they thought was a "Staging Certification" course but got very little, REAL training! 

In fact, there is an increasing number of "staging training" companies out there aggressively marketing their business, so it's VERY hard to research which staging training company is right for you.  While some staging training companies are good quality...most do not fully prepare you for all you would need to know in this industry nor do they support you!

That's why I created a 50-Point "Staging Training Company Checklist" so you can simply go down the list and make sure the training you choose to invest in can meet your "Certification" criteria:

Go ahead and click on the image above to download this helpful PDF.  Use the checklist as you shop for the staging training company you want to partner your business with.  Make no mistake, this is a BIG Partnership, so do the research and choose your staging training company wisely! 

When I saw what the HSR training program was offering, I could have kicked myself that I didn’t find them sooner, never mind all the money I wasted prior! The HSR Certification program is the complete package.

Paula Frankline
HSR Certified Stager

Here's an email I received from Pauline who just signed up for the HSR Home Staging Certification training that I thought was really interesting...

Audra, I wanted to share my story with you and tell you how I ended up taking the HSR training program and thanking my lucky stars that I did!  I’m a Realtor that, like you talk about, always liked to rearrange my room as a child. It just felt good. Then I grew up and did this on a much larger scale in my own homes…as in changing up almost every room every few months, changing artwork, pillows, flower arrangements, moving furniture... It’s safe to say that I’ve had a lot of practice in the way of staging, decorating and redesigning. I figured I just needed a piece of paper so that I could advertise it.

​So, I took two on-line programs, got my certificates, was even working on my first staging job…but, I still felt like I didn’t have all of the tools I needed business-wise. Sure, I was handling the staging part just fine. But, I wasn’t confident with what I was charging, how much to collect and when. I wasn’t confident with my legal agreement or any of the forms I was trying to make use of. Website? I didn’t even know where to begin with creating a website! Then one day I went on the RESA website to become a member. I was seeking out major marketing help and found HSR in the members area information.

When I saw what the HSR training program was offering, I could have kicked myself that I didn’t find them sooner, never mind all the money I wasted prior! The HSR Certification program is the complete package. The marketing information and staging forms, the great website design, and the support and forums made a world of difference for me! I feel like I’m running a real business now and not just floundering. The best part is, the continued support! HSR doesn’t go away! I can continue to get updated information and thats what gives me the confidence that my staging business will be successful!

Pauline Franklin
HSR Certified Stager

Now Pauline is staging like crazy and has a beautiful website from HSR that she is customizing to her heart's content...great job Pauline!  Here is a link to her new website:

When you invest in a staging training company you are picking the "partner" to your business, so you have to choose wisely!

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I hope this Staging Training Company Checklist is helpful to your research and picking the right staging training company to partner with…you don’t want to end up like Pauline who invested in two “certifications” before finding the right match.

Website Checklist for Stagers

The number one reason home stagers fail is because their website was slow, dated and not personal... 

In essence, their website doesn't "WORC" for them.  This is why at the Home Staging Resource we provide wholesale websites for stagers in our Premium Website package and are always updating this product!  Here's a quick video about our new amazing website technology that checks all the boxes in our "Website Checklist for Stagers":

If you're not sure what a website that "WORC"s looks like, here's a handy checklist you can use to make sure your website is not killing your business...

Free 33-Point Website Checklist for Home Stagers!

Easy checklist to make sure your website is not killing your business!

Here are more things to consider to get your website working for you...​

Website Image Must ROCK!

Do you upgrade your cell phone every couple years?  Then why don't you upgrade your business website?!  Website styles and technology have evolved and what looked good a few years back, appears busy and dated today. 

Stagers are in the "image industry" so their website has to be updated and beautiful!

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  • Professionally designed...not homemade!
  • Clear navigation, clean lines and no more than a few colors
  • Website must look great on ALL DEVICES (responsive)!  Look at your site on your phone.
  • Easy to read, consistent look and feel
  • Portfolio's must clearly show your talent (see my how-to video)
  • A hero image or memorable logo (see my "How to Make a Logo" Video!)

Optimized for Search Engines

What's the point of building a gorgeous and updated website if no one can find it?  Using industry specific key words along with your location specific keywords is key to Google knowing where to slot your website in the billions of search results. 

Websites are not an "if you build it, they will come" sort of thing.  You have to navigate traffic to it!

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  • ​Is built on a WordPress platform which Google loves?
  • Industry keywords that make it easy for folks to find you online
  • Consider how you would search for a painter in your area and write down all those location specific key words
  • Couple the industry key words with the location key words
  • All of our websites have the best SEO plugin installed and keywords strategically placed
  • Images that load fast, so that visitors don't click away

Relationship Driven

What's the point of having a gorgeous and optimized website if you don't collect your visitor's email address and create a relationship?  On average, it takes 7 "touches" for your prospect to become a buyer.

People buy from who they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.  Does your website have those three key ingredients? #websitesforstagers

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  • Give something of "value" in order to get an email address (like staging statistics or tips)
  • Have a blog on your website to build trust and credibility (see my 5 Essential Blog Tips)
  • Always have a photo of you on your website - Take it outside in good lighting!
  • Use a light box to capture new visitors or returning visitors
  • HSR websites have a sophisticated, premium, lead generating plugin built in!
  • Make sure your social media connections are at the top of every page!

Credibility Building

Would you go to a hair stylist who had bad hair?  An ugly or dated website automatically makes prospects believe you have bad staging taste....they will make the same connection.  A beautiful website builds credibility in your work... 

You may be brand new to staging but if your website looks better than a veterans website from will get the client.

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  • Customize the look and feel of your website to match your brand
  • Have the ability to completely change the colors, fonts, images and look at the click of the button
  • Use video and slideshows to display your work
  • Have testimonial boxes that look great, guarantees and calls to action

At the end of the day, your website is the most critical marketing tool you own.  Taking the time to update and understand it will be key to your success!

Free 33-Point Website Checklist for Home Stagers!

Easy checklist to make sure your website is not killing your business!

Make sure to download our FREE “33-Point Website Checklist for Stagers” in order to make sure your website is helping NOT hurting your business!

Staging a Home Based on Price

staging a home

I love creating things to help home stagers communicate the "art" of what they do better!  I had so much fun creating this new PowerPoint presentation to put in the HSR Certification Training that I had to share a video of it!  The video is about what can happen when a seller or agent picks a home stager based on price.  Staging a home based on price alone can be disastrous...

Never pick a home stager based purely on price since not all staging is equal!

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In the HSR training, I have quite a few different powerpoint presentations for stagers to customize and present to real estate agents or seller.  This particular presentation is meant to be humorous and given to sellers or agents who are seeking a stager for a vacant home project.

Staging a Home Based on Price Slideshow

Why You Usually Always Get What You Pay For...

The slide that shows the example price differences between IKEA furnishings and Pottery Barn is a good reminder that you can't pay like IKEA and expect Restoration Hardware.  You always have to consider the luxury level, style and scale of the home before thinking about furnishings.

It's critical for stagers to communicate the VALUE of what they offer visually! Great staging is an art.

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In the Vacant Home Staging PowerPoint presentation I created for stagers to use I also added blank slides for them to add their own photos and text.  The presentation shows how staging a home based on the lowest priced home stager is not usually a good idea since you get what you pay for when it comes to staging a home!  With vacant staging, a home stager can have lower prices when they haven’t really spent on quality furnishings…this will show in your product.