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Free E-Design Training

Free E-Design Training Webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 12th at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)

"How to Make Money by Offering E-Design Services"

I spoke at the RESA Convention on the subject of E-Design and got A LOT of rave much so, that I thought I needed to do an "Encore" presentation and make it available to everyone!  You will learn how to easily make money offering an e-design service to cool is that?

If you're a home stager/designer or considering getting into the industry, you will not want to miss this!

Join me for this free e-design training webinar on Wednesday, September 12th entitled, “How to Make Money with E-Design – A-Z Business Blueprint”  Hope to see you there!

Free Webinar for New Stagers

Free Staging Training Webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 29th at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)

After well over 10 years of staging training, speaking at RESA Conventions and chatting with veteran stagers daily I’ve narrowed down some essential, soul searching elements that help to make stagers successful!

If you're a new home stager or considering getting into the industry, you will not want to miss this!​

What You'll Learn on the Live Webinar:

  1. How to Easily Focus and Find Your Niche in the Staging Industry - 4 Key Factors to Consider
  2. How to overcome fear, know the costs of starting a staging business and stay motivated!
  3. How much money you can make (pricing) and when to say "no"
  4. How to take a phone order and create a structure for business success
  5. BONUS!  FREE notes download with special links to free learning presentations.

Space is limited for this staging training, so signup right's FREE!

Join me for this free staging training webinar on Wednesday, August 29th entitled, “How to Become a STAGER BOSS – 10 Tips to Staging Business Success”  Hope to see you there!

How to Make a Logo in 2 Minutes

2 minute logo

When I spoke at the RESA Conference on Branding, I got so much feedback from stagers who needed more good tools and information, that I thought it would be fun to do a quick video on creating a logo using one of my favorite free online image editing programs.  I know it’s more “ideal” to pay a designer to do this for you but I also know that many of us are on a budget and want a bit more control over what our image and branding says about us.

Here’s a quick video I created that shows you how easy it is to create a nicer looking logo that you can use to watermark your photos:


If you liked that video, then you will really like the video I created on how to create a photo collage with your before and after photos!



XOXO – Happy Staging!

Audra Slinkey

Hope to hear from you!


7 Staging Tips for Difficult Spaces

staging tips

7 Staging Tips for Difficult Spaces

One of the critical reasons to stage a vacant home is to give perspective to buyers.  Empty rooms are lifeless question marks in buyer’s eyes, so merchandising the space becomes essential!  Here are seven staging tips I think you will find extremely helpful in your next staging project…

Donna Dazzo of Designed to Appeal, a New York City based staging company was given one of the toughest vacant staging assignments I’ve ever seen, so I just had to share it.  This 3-bedroom, 4,000 square foot loft in Tribeca was on the market three months without an acceptable offer.

The loft sold at FULL asking price 22 days after Donna staged it!

Check it out…

This was the loft space as you walked in the home and as you can see the large columns are distracting and overwhelming.  The space appears dark, lifeless, cold and definitely not easily able to arrange furniture around!


Entryway/Living Room Before

Staging Tip #1 – Create Groupings

Strategically using area rugs, Donna separated the large space into groupings.  A central living and seating area between the columns draws the eye to the seating area and away from the columns.

Entryway/Living Room After 

Staging Tip #2 –Use Reflective Surfaces

The large and well placed mirror brings the eye further into the room immediately while extending the more narrow space. Using a light palette, reflective surfaces and mirrors, the space appears more open, light and inviting.

Here is a view from another angle where you can see how open the space was and how difficult it would be to fit all the represented living spaces in this one great room.

Not only did she fit a living grouping but a dining area off the kitchen as well.

Staging Tip #3 –Use Furniture to Separate the Space

What do you do with a small, seemingly un-useful space off the living area when you’ve already established plenty of seating arrangements?

Separating the space with a bookcase, it becomes an office with a view!

Staging Tip #4 –Proper Scale Needs to Always be Considered

Filled with large, empty space this loft needs properly scaled furnishings to first “fit” between the beams in the living/entry area and now larger pieces to match this large space below.

The cabinets are artfully arranged to add color and symmetry.

Staging Tip #5 –Know Your Buyer Demographic

Staging for Families

Since the buyer demographic for this space was a family, Donna incorporated that lifestyle in her merchandising by turning this cold Den space into a bright, kids play area.

Notice how the brick wall in the vacant space appears to be a detraction while once it’s staged becomes an asset.

“Artful staging can turn even negative architectural elements into positive assets!”

Staging Tip #6 –Use Great Art to Elevate the Space

At this point you’ve probably noticed the amazing artwork that serves to elevate the space and give personality right?  Well Donna cleverly partnered with an art gallery to complete her staging vision.

This bedroom is tricky because all you notice is the long, unsightly heater under the windows.

Second Bedroom Before

Using a highly textured area rug, soft textiles and amazing artwork the space becomes a girls dream bedroom!

Second Bedroom After – Girl

Third Bedroom Before

Third Bedroom After – Boy or Guest Room

Staging Tip #7 –Never Leave Anything Up to the Buyer’s Imagination

Frankly, any kitchen unstaged with cleared countertops will look cold, sterile and bring the eye to the worst architectural feature (in this case the overhanging light on the island).  The “cleared counter top” look is NOT a staged kitchen!

Color was essential to move away from the hospital feel and the contemporary barstools draw the eye away from our light fixture while providing the sleek, cool feel associated with this space.

Empty bedrooms add nothing to a buyers decision.  They become quick “walk-on-bys”

Add the color, textiles and life…now the buyer lingers.

Another view of the master bedroom and incredible artwork!

Thank you Donna for sharing your talent!  Staging is essential for buyers to really “see” the value in a home…otherwise the seller is leaving cash on the table.

Not all professional stagers are equal!  Our HSR Certification training was the first and one of the only staging and redesign training programs that has been third-party, accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association, so invest in the best!

Ready to Become a Successful Home Stager and Redesigner?

Top 5 Shopping Resources for Home Staging

Why Using a Professional Home Stager and Stylist SAVES You Money…

In this video I go over the ways a home stylist can save clients money when shopping for home furnishings, as well as my top five favorite “to the trade” shopping sources online….

[leadplayer_vid id=”5241DB6F37FB2″]

I hope you enjoyed my top five shopping resources video and will use a home stylist on your next design project!

Over qualified professionals can be found in our Directory by Clicking Here!

XOXO – Happy Staging!

Audra Slinkey

Hope to hear from you!