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Create an AWESOME 2020 – Free Goal Planning Calendar Printable

If you don't write it down...it just won't happen.

There are two learning and growth strategies that always insure better focus and recall: Repetition and Writing it Down

I use both of these when I plan my days/weeks/months AND set my goals.  By putting your plans into your Google Calendar AND hand writing them, you will have a much better success rate of retaining, expressing and completing them!

I talk about this a lot in my productivity webinar in January but the simple truth is...planning makes perfect.

I've created a FREE, 2020 Goal Planner and Calendar Printable to help you make and keep those goals and big dreams you have planned!

Simply click on the image below to INSTANTLY download the free PDF:-)

In the live webinar I'm going to show you how I use these pages in my work and life, so make sure you attend to get fired up on your 2020 year and decade!

So let's get our dreams, plans and goals down on paper and get personal this Wednesday, live at my webinar!
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Awesome Photo Editing Hack

I always say that I learn something new in our private Stagers Connect Facebook Home Stager Group everyday but this tip I just had to share with everyone...it's that good!
Have you struggled like me to get your interior photos light and bright (like in the magazines)?
Want to learn a quick way to brighten your photos for instant Instagrammable appeal?

Nicci Nolan Wright of Staged Wright Home, one of our HSR members has a strong background in photography and shared some of her hot tips in our Stagers Connect group via video.

Watch my 3-minute video below that shows you exactly what I did on my iPhone to completely transform my room photo...

Can you believe how easy that was?!  ​

For more super cool staging hot tips, join me on my next free, live event...

Home Stager Branding


Home Stagers have such a uniquely cool business model because each job they complete becomes an instant marketing referral source for their business IF the stager brands it well. This is just one of the many reasons I always say that staging is a better business model than interior design.

In my HSR home staging Certification training I talk about the importance of leaving your mark, so that the home buyer knows that the home has been carefully prepped and curated for their arrival.   

In our Facebook Stagers Connect private home stager group we collaborated on the unique ways we "leave our business mark" in the homes we stage and I thought it would make for a wonderful post to inspire others in their stager branding and marketing....enjoy!

Shirley Borloz of Signature Staging in Nashville, TN cleverly adds her business name and information in a stack of books vignette....how cool is this?

Angie Creech Design used a different variation on that the book stack by adding a frame behind it and layering it over a cutting board with her business cards.

Sarah Williams of Finishing Touch Design out of Redlands, CA creatively leaves her mark in a couple places in the home.  Starting with the front entry, she has a custom door mat with her business name and will then place her business cards and marketing postcard on a table in the home...

Dani Powers of Taylor Made Staging and Design varies her calling card vignette by season...below she has a fall centerpiece with her cute signage and business cards.

Kandice Lee Designs, a home stager out of Denver CO said that since she leaves a peice of her heart in every home she touches, her signature item is a pink heart shaped stone on her business cards to show buyers the love that went into that space...very clever!

Melissa Raab Mendelson, a home stager in the Chicago Area goes one step further by creating an eye catching vignette and adding her calling card, framed postcard with brochures and business cards.

Sarah Beam of Altogether Lovely keeps is simple but adorable on the kitchen counter.  I also like how she includes her photo on her business cards to make her staging and branding that much more memorable and personal.

Susan Vaneria of Fresh Spaces out of Hartford, CT also uses the kitchen counter with a cute printable chalkboard of her business name and stack of cards.

Mallory Johnson of Nine Elements Interiors out of Twin Cities changes up her approach depending on the home and here she uses a tray vignette that can be moved strategically to different locations in the home.  Again, she's very smart to have a photo on the business card which again personalizes her brand to her prospective clients...

Mitch Bage of Maison De Campagne a home staging company in League City, TX uses a more subtle approach but I kind of love it...

I hope these different marketing calling card ideas inspired you in your own business!  We are "creatives", so it's always exciting to see how each person manifests their creative branding in a home.

XOXO-Happy Staging


Canva Templates for Stagers


Those that know me, also know that I have a HUGE problem with home stagers having to reinvent things for their business...  

There's A LOT to know in this industry like extreme design expertise, real estate knowledge, where to shop for that perfect XX, small business know-how and marketing, etc...

Why is it that every other staging trainer makes it so that stagers have to recreate the wheel when it comes to creating social media posts, realtor presentations, brochures, flyers, staging reports and contracts (among all the other stuff we create for our business)!

Okay, enough ranting...let me get down to the cool stuff and a free give-away just for you:-)

We are in the image industry, so everything that represents us like our marketing materials, business cards, website and all of our handouts have to look FABULOSO...right?  

Word docs and Picmonkey are just not gonna cut it these days, so that's why Canva is the answer and...

I've just added direct links to all my Canva Templates in the HSR Members Training Area since Canva now allows me to share my cool creations directly to your Canva account...woot!

(If you don't know what Canva is my friend, then I just unleashed the beast in you because you will LOVE it!  It's a FREE marketing creation platform that is TRULY amazing, so go to Canva.com to check it out)

Now my HSR members can take my Canva Staging Checklist and completely change the colors...
Changing colors with canva
Or edit all the text, photos and add their personal branding, as well as change the fonts SUPER easily...
changing the font
I've got a 10-Page Statistic Driven Canva template for home stagers to use in their Realtor PowerPoint Presentations:

A 10+ page slide presentation on the Statistics and Benefits of Staging

I've got Canva templates for home stagers to give their Real Estate Agent Partners in order to make them look great:

Help your agents stand out in their listing presentations!

I've got a fantastic hand-out to give to home sellers, agent partners or have on your website as a give-away (in exchange for their email):

Change out the logo to your own and you're all set!

I've got OODLES of gorgeous staging statistic imagery in a Canva template form, so  home stagers can put them on their websites, brochures or even use in their social media...here's just one example:

Swap out the background image, etc.. to re-brand this easily!

My HSR members are NEVER looking at a blank page or reinventing the wheel with their business, so that they can focus on what they do best...stage and transform homes!

Now, I've got a freebie for you just so you can see how incredibly useful these templates can be in your marketing and branding.  Simply swap out the before/after photos to your own and use this in your social media or on your "Vacant Services" page on your site.  

Just answer the quiz question below and get my Canva Template link to the imagery below for FREE!

It's all about helping you make your dream of staging a reality!  Hope you love the template and hopefully I will see you in my next FREE, live webinar...



PS - In full disclosure, I am a Canva Affiliate since I LOVE that website.

How E-Design Can Get You Sales


There's A LOT of confusion when it comes to E-Design and the simplest way to explain it...is to say that 

E-Design is simply technology helping you get your vision across to clients that much easier, better and more beautifully!  

How does E-Design do that?  Well, the best technology allows you to clip and save whatever you're searching online for in a "project" with a direct link and product price/information, so that while you're shopping or sourcing for clients it's being recorded into that  client's project folder...

Example Outdoor Space with inspiration room and all the products

In the past, designers would try to explain the vision they had to clients verbally or even tediously create a hard copy "mood board" but now technology gives us the tools to simplify, pass the vision along easily and even give clients the direct links to shop for themselves if they wish.

Here Are 3 Not So Obvious Ways E-Design Can Grow Your Sales...


E-Design Boards Allow You to Communicate Your Vision MUCH Better than Your Competition

Lia Rogers or Reinvention Intentions was trying to break-in to an investors group to be the preferred stager/designer with little luck UNTIL she used an E-Design board to visually SHOW them the work and materials she would plan on placing into their homes...that got her business!


E-Design Boards Help to Upsell Your Design Services Easily

Shannon Christianson of Staging PDX told me at the last RESA Convention that not only does she use E-Design boards to show her staging clients the planning that can be done BEFORE they move into their new house, she also uses the boards to quickly give her staging clients a shopping list for the staging project.

Become an Expert E-Designer!

Check out the training now!


E-Design Boards Set Expectations, Value and Budget

Have you ever had a client not super happy with what you bought for their home?  Of course you have but using E-Design technology allows you to streamline the shopping expectation, so that clients can see it ahead of time and let you know.  This saves you time, sets the expectation up front and allows clients to stick to their budget!

There's so much more you can do with E-Design technology, so if you want all the answers to how to incorporate E-Design into your staging or design business, click to join me on a workshop about it below...

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